Hello from the newbie

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Fred, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Fred, Apr 4, 2011
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  2. Fred

    otter Guest

    otter, Apr 4, 2011
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  3. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Way better than mine, and it appears you have a photo pass.

    My shots are limited to bands that are still playing small clubs, which
    is actually my preference. I really do despise big arena nostalgia shows.
    Fred, Apr 4, 2011
  4. Now the official food taster has sampled your warez...

    There's obvious issues and differences in shooting and presentation but my
    first impression was preferred your concert shots. That's no comment really
    just a matter of taste and mood.

    Doing anything not crap is tough. Read something a few weeks back about been
    in the groove that raises things from not crap to great. Not sure what the
    secret is unless its something as banal as just paying attention and
    shifting your ass. Need to work on that myself.
    Charles E Hardwidge, Apr 5, 2011
  5. Fred

    Fred Guest

    I appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad I didn't give you food poisoning.
    Fred, Apr 5, 2011
  6. Fred

    Guest Guest

    04/04/2011 13:26

    Hi Fred,

    Try to focus on one thing in your scene by eliminating the irrelevant,
    either by cropping in camera (telephoto lens) or selective shallow depth of
    field (wide open fast lens, 2.8 on a 200mm for instance). This will help to
    isolate the important elements and improve your pictures.
    Guest, Apr 5, 2011
  7. I tend to avoid blind links as I've been sucker punched with junk and/or
    spam too many times.

    Someone's since commented on focus. You've got an issue there which ruined
    some potentially good shots but I'm not anal about selective focus. Been
    seeing a bit too much of that recently and it can get a bit self-conscious.

    There's also issues with exposure. Some of your shots have been screwed by a
    slow shutter speed. A higher ISO and/or good timing can minimise that if the
    available light is low.

    You've posted nothing that offends the eye or can't be fixed. The rest is
    just composition and standing in the right place. After looking through the
    rest of your images I see you have an eye for the iconic but that
    composition and standing in the right place thing is the issue.

    I wouldn't want to be too judgemental here. Everything is okay at the level
    you're at and your eye and consistency seems fairly level across the board.
    It just needs a step forward.
    Charles E Hardwidge, Apr 6, 2011
  8. Fred

    Peter N Guest


    Hi Fred and welcome.
    We can use those who are interested in enhancing there photography.
    You will hear many opinions, most of which will be well intentioned.
    You will soon learn how to take the best and apply it to your style
    and interest. Just keep a thick skin and a sense of humor.,
    Peter N, Apr 6, 2011
  9. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Thanks Peter. Luckily, I have both.

    Everyone, thanks for the welcome, accurate and actually kinda funny

    Seems like a good group of folks here. Although, I'm told, you may have
    to be on the lookout for a pedophile......
    Fred, Apr 6, 2011
  10. Fred

    The Bailey Guest

    Welcome Fred , I'm a newbie painter , took it up last Summer, and I
    already have three oil paintings proudly on my walls that everybody
    Beginner's luck.
    As a pro photographer I never produce a portfolio for a client ,
    rather I whip out the first snapshot I ever took on an SLR , of my
    brother when he was twelve, him stuck up against the wall of our
    house, he paid me a bob for it , so it is my first-ever pro
    photograph , and one of my best , taken on a Kodak Retinette 111 .
    I got my first job as a result of that when a neighbour, a pro , saw
    that photo. B & W , developed and printed by me too , Tri-X at 400 .
    Then the first Praktika was fabulous , turning out the best , for all
    of 6 weeks while the shutter lasted , as that pro foretold. He was
    using the Nikon F and lording it over me , until I got my first
    Spotmatic with SMC Takumar 50/1.4 , all of a sudden his sneering
    stopped. He paid me a pittance, all he could afford, but taught me a
    lot . He then went off to london , married the daughter of a top
    executive of the Shell Oil company , and happily became an amateur
    photographer , which he is ever since. She's a foot taller than him ,
    massive woman , no way a looker, but that didn't ever enter into it ,
    did it , not after he had rejected some of the finest looking women in
    And he couild have been a poor pro married to some Miss Ireland. He
    always told me too to shut up when i started talking technicalities ,
    saying that as far as he knew the 'Littler People' were inside working
    the cameras for him. What a photographer he was back then, sad!
    The Bailey, Apr 6, 2011
  11. Fred

    The Bailey Guest

    Nostalgia is called The Beatles!
    Every band ever since in the world put together ever since does not
    even come near.
    The Bailey, Apr 6, 2011
  12. Fred

    otter Guest

    I noticed you had pics of Lucero, which I also have from ACL.

    I was leery of the Eagles, but they exceeded all expectations, and it
    was cool to see my hero Joe Walsh still alive, and very good after all
    these years. Robert Earl Keen's band was also rocking. They played a
    great set. After that, I'd say LCD Sound System, Spoon, Local Natives
    were the bands I enjoyed the most, although there were others. Phish
    played well, but it isn't my style of music.

    Welcome to the group.
    otter, Apr 6, 2011
  13. Fred

    Savageduck Guest

    No. Nostalgia is the Glenn Miller Band.
    Savageduck, Apr 6, 2011
  14. Fred

    PeterN Guest

    NO! Nostalgia is hanging at Eddie Condons.
    PeterN, Apr 7, 2011
  15. Fred

    PeterN Guest

    Some of the guys here submit at the shoot in, through rec.photo.digital.

    Things are loose there, but it is a chance to present almost themed images.


    The Rulz are not really enforced, late submissions have been accepted
    and there are no prizes. Just some Commentary in the group. Try it.
    PeterN, Apr 7, 2011
  16. Fred

    PeterN Guest

    Excellent advice. the most common mistake is to show too much.

    Be cruel to your pixels. Ask is that building on the right, really
    important to what you are saying. Is it really important to show that
    <fill in the blank> in full context. 98% of the time the answer is "no."
    PeterN, Apr 10, 2011
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