HELP: Canon G3 lost flash sync with 420EX

Discussion in 'Canon' started by David Smith, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. David Smith

    David Smith Guest

    Hi, all

    I have been reading for almost a year now. From the moment
    I decided to "go" digital I have found the group to be an indispensable
    resource. From thinking about buying digital, through making a purchase, I
    have consulted the reasonable voice of this newsgroup. I now look to you as
    the first stop in figuring out my fist digital glitch.

    My Canon G3 stopped talking to the 420EX flash, or the Flash has become
    defective after working great for 5 months.

    Since August I have been taking great flash photos in all modes with the
    420EX on a bracket connected with the Canon Off Camera Shoe Cord 2. Over the
    holidays I flew to mom's house and took 140 great photos with the 420EX.

    The moment I walked out of the airport upon returning I noticed the flash
    was behaving differently. It was snowing and that is something that doesn't
    happen here too often, so I tried to take a picture of my daughter in the
    snow. But all I was getting was black, underexposed shots. The flash was not
    syncing. I stuffed the camera back into it's bag and headed for the airport

    The next day I looked deeper at the problem. The flash does not fire in
    sync in any mode other than manual. The preflash does not fire anymore, just
    one big FLASH instead of the two bursts, and regardless of flash power
    settings on the camera, the flash now always fires at full power. It's been
    the same ever since.

    I am baffled as why this would suddenly develop after working great
    together. The G3 works just fine by itself in all modes and syncs with it's
    own flash just fine. But when I slide on the 420EX the above behavior
    starts. Yes I have taken the Off Camera Shoe Cord 2 out of the set up and
    the problem persists.

    Again the problem is... When the 420EX flash is used with my Canon G3...
    1. 420EX Flash will no longer sync in Auto, P, Tv, & Av modes.
    2. 420EX Flash fires at full power regardless of camera settings in Function
    3. Problem persists in both Auto and Manual Flash modes under the Menu
    button as well as first or second curtain sync.

    Note: Problem occured under firmware Problem persists after
    firmware update to

    Before I send the whole rig into Canon I thought I'd ask here.
    Thanks in advance for any insight.

    David Smith
    David Smith, Jan 8, 2004
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  2. Hi David,

    Best option is to go to your local camera store with your G5 and ask to try
    out a 420EX gun on it. If it works, clearly your own one is now faulty, for
    whatever reason and so take it back to where it was purchased to get it
    repaired under warranty.

    Stephen Leslie, Jan 9, 2004
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