HELP !!! Capturing "linked videos" from Flash - I'm Stumped

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Ken, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    This is NOT the same as capturing a flash animation, where the entire
    thing is contained within the swf file. I have a couple of Flash
    capture utilities -and they work fine for games, animations, etc. But
    I am talking about a tiny swf file that "references" a video clip
    somewhere else on the web and plays it within a window. First, here
    is how I capture other types (or NOT capture, depending on the
    format). The "last" type is the one I need help with:

    1) WMV embedded Files - I use "WMrecorder" ($29) and it works
    perfectly. I do not know of a free method.

    2) Real Video - I use notepad to look in the "ram" file to find the
    link. Then I make a temporary web page with just one line in it -
    the link to the rm file, open the web page I created, right-click on
    the link and save the file. BUT now most sites use SMIL files instead
    of RAM and/or they use Helix servers to host the clips, with all sorts
    of protections built-in to prevent you from getting the files.

    3) Quicktime - I have never tried to figure out how to save these, so
    I can't and don;t know of any utility to do it either. Fortunately
    very few sites use Quicktime.

    4a) Flash "Embedded Video" - where the entire video is contained
    within the swf file - no problem, just use any SWF capture utility
    such as Flash Scout (costs money now - but was formerly called Flash
    Pilot and was free) or Sothink SWF Catcher

    4b) Flash Linked Video - there are tons of these out there and I am
    stumped !!! Here is an example - all the video clips on
    - I love these kinds of clips and there are tons of new sites that
    host them. All the flash capture utilities will save the swf file to
    your hard drive, but it is nothing more than a tiny 10 to 15k "stub"
    file that links to the embedded flash video. But then what? If you
    capture the swf file to your hard drive and you have Macromedia's
    Flash Player - you can run the swf file and it will open a window and
    it will play the video inside the window. But you have not captured
    the video to your hard drive. Any ideas?
    Ken, Jun 20, 2006
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