help--digital 8 video--how do I transfer it to something viewable off camcorder

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by wab121695, May 18, 2006.

  1. wab121695

    wab121695 Guest

    I have a sony digital 8 camcorder. I need to transfer my video to a
    form someone without a camera can see. After I tried with the software
    that came with the camera (unsuccessfully) to burn to cd-rom, I
    purchased a sony dvd recorder and it came with nero software. Results
    are very jumpy video on both the DVD and when I captured it to my hard
    drive. Obviously, my capture isn't right. Help please--I don't care how
    but I have to be able to get this video to a viewable without the
    camera form.
    Rachelle (new--and definately not computer savvy)
    wab121695, May 18, 2006
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  2. wab121695 wrote ...
    Please describe in more detail exactly how you interconnected
    your camcorder to your computer (USB? Firewire?, etc.) And
    exactly what software you used?
    Richard Crowley, May 18, 2006
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  3. Okay, the EASIEST way for a non-computer savvy person is to
    just buy a tabletop DVD recorder with a Firewire input. You plug in
    your camera, hit record on the recorder and play on the camera. Voila.
    Easy. You can't edit the footage or anything, but you end up with a
    copy of your tape on a viewable DVD.

    Can you describe how you tried to do the capture from the
    camera to the computer? What software came with the camera that you
    tried unsuccessfully?
    Neil Nadelman (ROT13)
    I have no fears in life,
    for I have already survived Theta-G!

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    Be vancouver the imaginate!
    Neil Nadelman, May 18, 2006
  4. The Digital8 camcorder has a 1394 output and an analog output. You can use
    the analog output with the included cable (mini-plug on one end & red,
    white, yellow on the other) to record directly to a VCR. Just plug the mini
    into the camcorder (near the front by the lens and behind the little plastic
    door) and plug the others into their respective color coded inputs on the
    VCR. Hit record on the VCR and play on the camcorder.

    Other ways to do it. The camcorder did not come with a 1394 cable. If you
    system has 1394 in it, go buy a cable at the local electronics store - Best
    Buy, Circuit City and Radio Shack have them. Most 1394 cards have a 6 pin
    port on them. Your camcorder has a 4 pin port. You will need a 6 pin to 4
    pin 1394 cable.

    Once you have this hook the cable to the camcorder and turn on the power.
    You computer will more than likely make some two tone noise showing the link
    is enabled. Now, open Windows Movie Maker and select to capture video. The
    settings you want will be DV-AVI for capture.

    If you are capturing to your system drive you should know this is not ideal.
    If you have no other drive to capture on make sure the system drive is
    defragmented, this will help give a smoother capture. Also, be aware that DV
    qulaity video is about 13GB per hour, so you need plenty of capture space.

    You should be able to compile you project within Windows Movie Maker by
    reading the easy to follow intructions included inside the program. After
    you have completed you project export the video to MPEG-2 DVD compliant
    files for creating a DVD in Nero.

    In Nero use the Wizard to select DVD Video as your project settings. Follow
    the steps and you shoulld end up with a fairly good DVD for playback.
    Larry Johnson, May 18, 2006
  5. wab121695

    J. Clarke Guest

    If your computer does not have a Firewire (also known as "IEEE 1394")
    connector you need to add one. That's an inexpensive board that you get at
    CompUSA or BestBuy or Dabs or whatever your local equivalent might be.
    Once that board is in place, you plug a cable (that came with the camera
    but if you've lost it you'll need a new one) from the "DV IN/OUT" connector
    on the camera to the Firewire connector on the computer. From there you
    should be able to capture using any decent video editing program--Windows
    Movie Maker works for many purposes, if you find it doesn't for yours then
    Premiere Elements is reasonably priced and very capable.
    J. Clarke, May 20, 2006
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