Help! Fuji Finepix A205 vs A203 vs 2650

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Just Another Joe, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. Ready to purchase my first digital camera :). Was first drawn to the
    Fuji Finepix 2650 because I saw it for $199 CDN (about $140 US), but
    then found out that was *refurbished*--I would rather buy new! Then, I
    saw the A203 advertised for $273 ($193 US), and after considerable review
    on the web, went up to the store today to get one. But, they were all
    out, so the manager said he could give me the new A205 for $20 more.
    Well, knowing that the A205 lists for less than the A203, I suggested
    the A205 for the _same_ price. After hemming and hawing, he agreed,
    and I brought it home :). But, it's unopened and returnable. So,
    someone(s) please help me decide. All three have the same basic specs,
    2MP with 3X optical zoom, use xD Picture Cards, and come with the same
    accessories (2 AAs, 16MB xD, etc.). So what are the advantages/dis-
    advantages of the A205 as compared to the others? Is $193 (US) a good
    price for the A205? Or would it be better to try to get the A203 from
    another of their stores for the same price? ADVthanksANCE! :)!

    P.S. Also saw a Canon Sureshot (forgot the model #) in the same price
    range--it's a 3MP (yeah) but doesn't have any optical zoom :-(. Which
    feature would *you* find preferable?
    Just Another Joe, Sep 14, 2003
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