HELP: Minolta Meter Attachments

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by S&B, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. S&B

    S&B Guest

    I recently purchased a Minolta Auto Meter IV f off of ebay and now I'm
    considering getting 2 of the attachments (40 deg refl and 5 deg spot).
    Over the past couple of weeks, I've seen quite a few turn up in ebay
    but I can't tell if they will fit on my meter. Sometimes the owners
    don't even know...

    Does anyone know about the compatibility of the attachments? For
    example, does the 10 deg spot from an Flash Meter III fit on mine? Are
    the newer attachments backward compatible?


    S&B, Dec 17, 2003
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  2. S&B

    Olaf Ulrich Guest

    Congratulations! That's a fine pro-grade meter capable to do
    any light metering job except 1° spot metering and multi-burst
    flash metering. I have the same meter, and I like it very much.
    Most often I use it for incident-light metering with the spheric
    standard diffusor. Sometimes I use the 5° attachment.

    The spot metering attachments with viewfinders come in four

    10°, old-style mount (marked 'REF.' white on blue)
    10°, new-style mount (marked 'REF.')
    10°, new-style mount (marked 'Viewfinder 10°')
    5°, new-style mount (marked 'Viewfinder 5°')

    All three with new-style mount will fit the Auto Meter IV F and
    most other Minolta meters as well.

    The non-viewfinder attachments (i.e. spheric and flat diffusers
    and the 40° ref. disk) also come in two different mounts. The
    old-style mount fits the 'Auto Meter Professional' only (and
    most likely the 'Flash Meter', with no roman numeral, too). The
    new-style mount has two wide bayonet claws; it fits all Minolta
    meters that have roman numerals in their names. Look at the
    attachment of your Auto Meter; it is the new-style bayonet
    mount. I am not quite sure right now how the old-style mount
    looks like---it is either a screw mount or a three-claw bayonet
    mount (one of those is old-style Minolta, the other is Sekonic
    IIRC but I cannot remember which is which). Anyway, you need
    the two-claw bayonet attachments.

    Yes, it does.

    Yes, they are. Mostly. All Minolta Auto Meters and Flash
    Meters share the same two-claw bayonet attachment mount,
    except the first series which is 'Auto Meter Professional'
    and 'Flash Meter', both w/o roman numerals.

    Olaf Ulrich, Dec 17, 2003
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