Help needed - backing cap jammed on a SAMYANG 28-70mm Zoom lens

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Paul Peacock, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. Paul Peacock

    Paul Peacock Guest


    Recently I inherited my late father's Canon T70 SLR with a number of
    different lenses. I'm having problems with one
    of them and being a newcomer to SLR cameras, am in need of assistance..

    I hope someone may know a trick to removing a backing cap on a SAMYANG
    29-70mm Canon FD lens. When I placed the cap on, I lined up the silver
    "pin" with the corresponding "gap" in the flange of the backing cap and only
    tightened it a little. However, I must have accidentally turned it too far
    and it has somehow "clicked" or locked into place. Now the retaining ring
    won't turn back to
    release the cap. Its all stuck quit firm - no amount of force will budge

    This has happened to me before and I took the lens to a repair shop and they
    removed it for me but didn't show me how. That store is now closed for a
    couple of weeks and the cap has jammed again.

    Maybe I have to remove the locking ring itself, but don't know how.

    I'm sure there's a trick to this but can't figure it out. Its probably a
    case of the wrong backing cap for that lens,
    but now that its stuck on, its a bit academic!

    If you know how to do this, I'd appreciate some assistance.

    Thanks in advance

    Paul Peacock

    Paul Peacock, Jan 1, 2004
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