Help needed with CS3

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Alan Birchard, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Hi, I'm new and I'm not sure my posts are showing up, I've asked twice
    in and despite of a hundredd posts since, nobody
    has responded. Are my posts showing up?

    I just finished installing Photoshop CS3 and I can't figure out how to
    "undock" the palettes on the left, right, and top of the screen, and
    also, how to change the palettes' background color from blinding,
    glaring, eye-burning white to a soothing color of my choice.

    Please help, and thanks!
    Alan Birchard, Nov 27, 2008
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  2. Alan Birchard

    Dave Guest

    I am afraid your posts does not show, Alan.
    Try Tab - Shift/Tab or simply drag your palettes where you want it to
    be. Getting stuck with a mixed up workspace, go Windows/Work
    Space/Reset Palette Locations.

    Other settings can be done at Edit/Preferences/General (or CTRL+K)
    Dave, Nov 27, 2008
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  3. I'm glad this one did. Thank you for replying.
    Okay, I have that sorted, except for the one across the top, the one
    that makes the image I'm working on jump up and down when I tab the
    pallettes away and back. It has to go. I can't stand to have the
    image jump every time I conceal or reveal the palettes.
    Naturally that was the first place I went when I finished installing
    CS3. It was only after I had exhausted every option that I came here
    to ask for help with those most important to me, mainly, how to tone
    down the hateful glaring white color scheme they seem to be trying to
    force on me. Please see my other reply in this thread and know that
    I'll greatly appreciate a solution.
    Alan Birchard, Nov 28, 2008
  4. OK, I figured out how to float those on the left and right, now it's
    just that annoying bar across the top, the one with "Style, Width,
    Height, Slices, Workspace" etc... when I have a large image on the
    screen and I hit Tab to vanish the palettes, the picture jumps up and
    down a half inch, and this will make me insane within a week, so I
    need to get that one floated as well. Or gone. Can you help?
    Well this is going to simply kill me. For ten years I have cursed
    them (literally) for making all of the icons and text on the palettes
    black, so they're invisible on my choice of background - black -
    rather than simply respecting my chosen colors. I had to go through
    and memorize every single icon and tickbox. I steadfastly refused to
    go to a permanent white background and suffer the burning glare. I
    felt that surely with this new mega-bucks bloatware mega-release they
    would have grown up and freed me to choose the color of my text and
    icons in the palettes, and instead, I find that they did the opposite,
    they left it black, and now they forced the background to white to
    accommodate their own choice of black text. I have never been so
    disrespected by a piece of software in my life, except by Windows, of

    Please tell me this isn't so. There has to be a way to make those
    palettes black with green text, or God forgive me in advance for
    cursing them for another ten years, black with black text at the very
    least. Who can sit and paint and think clearly and focus while trying
    to squint at a work space that is tucked between the glare of incoming
    headlights? Because I assure you, on a 50" widescreen plasma monitor,
    that's just what those huge glaring snow white palettes look like.
    It's miserable and I won't stand for it. How am I to relax and get
    creative as Adobe so glowingly advertises they will help me do, when
    they stick a couple flashlights in my face while I'm trying to do it?

    Does someone here have the final word on this? Is this painful,
    abominable forced white background incorporated into the program in
    such a way that I can't even decide my own color scheme... in a
    world-class paint program, no less?!??!!

    I use the "Classic" Windows appearance scheme, and in Photoshop CS3,
    the standard Windows menu bar across the top is WHITE, overriding my
    chosen stated preferences, so now my light green text is next to
    invisible! What is wrong with these people? Do they really expect to
    herd us all into the same pen like cattle and make us all march to the
    same rhythm? This is so absolutely contradictory to the freewheeling
    creative attitude that they portray. Even the Help files... a forced
    white background, and again, miserable and unusable with my light
    green text.

    Please, someone please, tell me I'm missing something and there's a
    fix for all this. And while you're at it, is there a way to disable
    the $%&*#! splash screen? I don't need to look at the list of their
    names for another ten years.

    Thanks for helping, John J.
    Alan Birchard, Nov 28, 2008
  5. Okay, I finally noticed the tiny drag bar on the extreme left and got
    the one at the top to float, so all's well as far as positioning the
    palettes and preventing the image from jumping. Now it's just a
    question of the glaring white of the palteets... please see my other
    posts and help if you can, because this is absolutely critical.
    Alan Birchard, Nov 28, 2008
  6. Alan Birchard

    Dave Guest

    I'm glad your problems is sorted out so far.
    I was joking in my 1st post saying 'your posts does not show'
    because obviously I replied to this one. You took it as if this was
    the only showing,... but I have not seen the other.
    A dumb joke thus:)

    Funny what your are saying about the white glare on the menu.
    I never saw or heard someone else mentioning it.
    Can it be that your vicinity (room) is to dark?
    Or don't I notice it because of the tint in my glasses?
    Dave, Nov 28, 2008
  7. Alan Birchard

    Fred Guest

    You might want to consider a second monitor. Put all of the panels on that
    one and just have your picture open on the first. (50"!!)
    I know it isn't what you're looking for, but if it is that annoying to you
    it might be a solution.
    Fred, Nov 28, 2008
  8. Alan Birchard

    KatWoman Guest

    First of all if the white on your monitor is that bright it will not match
    any paper you print on. And all your files will look muddy on everyone
    else's darker screens.
    can you set the temp of it to 6500?? or fix the brightness of the white?
    my monitor has software to adjust it.

    Second why would anyone want hideous green type on black background anyway??

    If you knew how to use WINDOWS you could change the entire system to your
    liking>>>>>>>>>>>> colors fonts sizes etc
    do not use classic !!!
    there are many custom skins that can be downloaded as well
    it should change the entire system colors

    in addition to all those choices you can add in windows the accessibility
    features for vision challenged people
    seriously if it can be made for almost blind people to see the screen in
    whatever colors you desire
    so quit blaming windows
    'cause you don't know how to use it properly
    KatWoman, Nov 28, 2008
  9. Alan Birchard

    KatWoman Guest

    Here is my follow up after trying this

    windows control panel or right click desktop
    display properties - appearances tab>>click advanced
    use the drop downs to change the colors and fonts
    click apply

    if you make the background black .........true you cannot see menu items
    unless hovered over-- but you can see the other menu items if you make a
    contrast color font

    for some reason this is the only type color I cannot change- the inactive
    menu font color

    I did make a background of green and other colors with various colors of
    type visible
    but the black was a problem for that one

    IN addition control panel

    display tab

    there are so many more schemes here
    suggest slate scheme if you don't want white background

    I didn't try them all
    KatWoman, Nov 28, 2008
  10. So you're saying that my worst fears are true, and that the white is
    hard coded? It's hard to imagine what kind of brutal mind could try
    to force this on me, against my own wishes, on a machine that is
    capable of giving me millions of choices... it's sickening.
    Thanks for that.
    All I can do is keep using my ancient version 5 with the invisible
    text and icons that I have spent ten years memorizing. I can't stand
    to use CS3 for more than five minutes.
    Alan Birchard, Nov 29, 2008
  11. You are making assumptions. I never said I care about printing.
    You are making assumptions. I never said anyone else will be seeing
    my files.
    I can tone down everything and create an effect similar to wearing
    tinted glass on my face, but I find both solutions offensive, not
    least because it would throw off the colors of the project I'm working
    That's not worthy of a reply.
    I can tell right now that I've been using computers since you were in
    diapers, and probably before you were born. If you knew how to READ
    you would know that the problem here is that the Photoshop CS3
    palettes are white, and they ignore and override my Windows system
    preferences, whether I want them to be white, black, or purple. The
    problem here is the arrogance of the programmers at Adobe.
    I might have obeyed if you had used a few more exclamation points.
    Actually, no, because it's ridiculous. It's unrelated to the problem.
    The problem is identical whether I use classic or XP.
    Skins? For the Photoshop palettes? If there's any truth to that, it
    would be the one shred of useful information in your entire piost.
    You are wrong, and I'm not vision challenged.
    You're coming across as a bigmouth and a know it all, so if that's to
    be the case, then you tell me how to make the Photoshop CS3 palettes
    display as black with green text, rather than white with black text,
    and I will eat crow served in a hat.
    You are now coming across as an idiot. I'm sorry, but it's true. I'm
    going to type really slowly this time so you can follow along:

    The Photoshop CS3 palettes are white, no matter what colors I set as
    my preferences in Control Panel.

    Did you get it that time?

    I have been setting my color schemes since Windows 3.1 and I doubt
    there's anything you're going to teach me in that area. I don't know
    why you chose to jump in yelling about how stupid I am but you did it
    without a clear knowledge of the issues at hand and in fact, in clear
    ignorance of the earlier posts in this very thread. Please, unless
    you have a genuine solution, drop out. I don't need to be challenged
    as to my preference for "hideous green type on black background."
    Yeah, wow, imagine that. After you yelled and insulted me and told me
    I didn't know how to use Windows, you went and actually put your own
    hands on and found out a few things. I wonder if you'll learn
    anything by this, such as: know what you're talking about before you
    jump in and start raising hell when you have no idea what's being
    discussed, and avoid know-it-all yelling at someone who is ten times
    more experienced than you.

    Now please, stay out of this thread. You're not helping, and you're
    not capable and knowledgeable to be able to help, and the rest of the
    folks don't want to watch us argue. Others are trying to help me. I
    don't need or want your type of input. Please, go away.
    Alan Birchard, Nov 29, 2008
  12. I have no room for another monitor, and even if I did, I would still
    have to look at the palettes in order to use them, and the Help files
    still have a white background, and the stock Windows menu bar at the
    top of the Photoshop main window is still white... this is making me
    sick. Literally.

    Thanks for trying to help.
    Alan Birchard, Nov 29, 2008
  13. Well, they were in a different newsgroup.
    No. "Too dark" is impossible since the level of light in the room is
    up to me, wouldn't you agree? I'm sure you won't suggest I should
    turn up the ambient light until it's like an operating room so my eyes
    will adjust and make the white glare from the monitor more tolerable.
    It's unthinkable. I work in pleasant, subdued light, and it's just as
    I like it. There's no possibility of it being "too dark" if it's
    exactly as dark as I personally like it.

    The problem is a programmer trying to force his preferences on me.
    Here we have the most versatile tool in the history of the human race
    and still they go and override the already limited flexibility
    afforded by Windows and try to make us all use a glaring white

    It never fails to amaze me when I see someone push back from the
    computer and rub his eyes and say "God, my eyes are burning..." and
    there it is, a snow white background with tiny black text. What does
    he expect? Try reading the wattage off the top of a light bulb while
    it's lit... then go ahead and keep reading it over and over again for
    eight hours. And I refuse to wear tinted glass on my face and
    discolor and offshade everything else I'm trying to work on and think
    about, just to tone down the glare of a forced white background.

    Thanks for your comments.
    Alan Birchard, Nov 29, 2008
  14. Alan Birchard

    Dave Guest

    Why does it amaze you when somebody with burning eyes pray to God
    for relieve? Or don't you believe in Godly healing?
    Seen otherwise, why would he not rather say it to an earthly companion
    with a common human name rather than to the King of kings, unless he's
    praying for relieve? Or is this your normal way of talking by using
    the Lord's name in vain? Sounds as if the latter may be true, and if
    this is the case, it may be there's people with the ability to help
    you but simply ignoring you.
    Dave, Nov 29, 2008
  15. Alan Birchard

    Dave Guest

    and you are coming across as a troll. On pension, living in old age
    home, and bored. The children bought you a computer,
    or rather handed you one of their older PC's to be replaced, and you
    found the News Groups. With a fantasy vision you started using PS but,
    hate to be so transparent.

    If you want to buy a Mercedes in Royal Blue, and does not find it in
    your preferred color, you will either buy another color or another
    make of car, rather than insulting the car manufacturers. If they only
    make it in pink, or purple, this is it. Go buy a Volkswagen.
    Try Windows Paint or any one of the other Photo Editing programs.
    There are many of them.

    I certainly doubt this thread to be much longer than what it is now.
    I also don't see you to become of the regular contributors here,
    when attacking one of our most popular helpers.
    If you are serious about Photoshop, do not close doors.
    Rather read KatWoman more often and make notes of the tips.

    Hi, thinking of it... Uncle Joel...!!! Tell him about 'Masking'...:)
    Dave, Nov 29, 2008
  16. Alan Birchard

    Jurgen Guest

    I really get pissed off when I can find the answer to someone's problems
    with precisely three *3* mouse clicks.

    I get pissed off even more when some jerk attempting to impose his ideas
    on a program made for professionals doesn't fit his kaleidoscope of
    childish colors, asks for advice and then abuses the person giving it.

    You're right Dave. This thread isn't going to last long. The OP is
    trolling and using the wrong bait.
    Jurgen, Nov 29, 2008
  17. Alan Birchard

    Dave Guest

    That is why I call him 'transparent', Jurgen.
    Coming to think of it, transparent is without depth.
    In fact, no content at all...:)
    Dave, Nov 29, 2008
  18. Alan Birchard

    Fred Guest

    The menu bar goes away if you press F a couple of times.
    You could adjust the brightness/contrast on the second monitor.
    But since you have no room, this is purely hypothetical.
    Fred, Nov 29, 2008
  19. Alan Birchard

    Frank Arthur Guest

    Alan Birchard has a load of problems that he has described. Hundreds
    of thousands of CS3 users, including myself, enjoy their program and
    do not suffer Alan's problems. Therefore Alan Birchard complains:

    1. Adobe programmers are screwed up.
    2. Everyone out there, except Alan, is screwed up.
    3. The world is picking on me!
    Frank Arthur, Nov 29, 2008
  20. If you call her rude and abrasive comments about "hideous green on
    black" and "you don't know how to use Windows" helping, then you're in
    the same boat with her. Please leave this thread alone so that
    someone who actually has some useful input has room to speak. Thanks.
    Alan Birchard, Nov 29, 2008
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