Help! - our newsgroup is nerd infected!

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Frank Gosebruch, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    for more than ten years I read and write in the newsgroup
    de.rec.fotografie - a photography newsgroup in German language.
    For more than a month the newsgroup is infected by half a dozen of
    computer nerds who cover almost 50% of the data volume by talking and
    argueing about computer history, operating systems, apple pro/contra,
    and so on...
    Wow, interesting! But there is NO connection to the topic 'photography'
    and it is horrable to read the newsgroup, because all these computer
    theads have on-topic headers.
    It is so sad, because this newsgroup was a jewel, once.
    How did you manage to get rid of these pubescent argueing nerds in your
    newsgroup? Do you have an administrator?
    Frank Gosebruch, Mar 9, 2013
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  2. Frank Gosebruch

    Alan Browne Guest

    Ignore them and start more photography threads.
    Alan Browne, Mar 9, 2013
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  3. Frank Gosebruch

    Noons Guest

    The Usenet is dead and has been for nearly 10 years.
    Find a well administered forum online and forget about Usenet, it's gone.
    Wake up.
    Noons, Mar 9, 2013
  4. Frank Gosebruch

    Savageduck Guest

    ....and yet here we are (that includes you Oh! Aussie commentator), a
    bunch of dinosaurs mired in, and about to be fossilized in the tar pit
    of the usenet photo groups.
    Savageduck, Mar 9, 2013
  5. Frank Gosebruch

    notbob Guest

    Yet, here you are!
    No such thing. What you find is forums moderated by petty tyrants who
    treat them like their own personal fiefdoms and censor or otherwise
    punish any who voice opinions that may conflict wiwth the mod's own
    agenda, be they real or imagined. I was once publicly reprimanded for
    some imagined slight some lady mod thought I had voiced, disparaging
    women. The slight was in her mind. Another time a forum do-gooder
    objected to my use of the word "craps" and it was edited out. It's a
    game, ferchrysakes! At least in usenet, there remains some some
    tangible freedom to say what you like. Sure, there's a lotta jerks,
    but they're free to be jerks, jes as yer free to ignore them.

    notbob, Mar 9, 2013
  6. Frank Gosebruch

    PeterN Guest

    Even here we find some would be petty tyrants. But I have seen some
    pretty good moderated forums. e.g. Painter Factory, WP Universe, but
    that depends on your interests. Some groups are moderated with a velvet
    glove, too many others are as you describe. I tend to stay away from them.
    PeterN, Mar 9, 2013
  7. Frank Gosebruch

    qrk Guest

    There are some Usenet groups in the sci. arena which are very active,
    usually around 100 to 200 posts per day. I wouldn't say that's dead.
    Too bad others have left Usenet as I find the format better than the
    web-based forums.
    qrk, Mar 9, 2013
  8. Frank Gosebruch

    Nil Guest

    Nobody here got rid of anybody. This is Usenet. There are no
    administrators and anybody is free to post anything they like. It does
    no good for you to go to other newsgroups just to complain - in fact,
    that makes you almost as bad as any other off-topic spammer.

    You can only ignore what you don't like, with the use of kill filters,
    if desired, and post more of what you do like. If that's not good
    enough for you, go find a moderated web forum somewhere.
    Nil, Mar 9, 2013
  9. Frank Gosebruch

    philo  Guest

    Usenet is hardly dead.

    To the OP:
    Just put the offending posters in your killfile
    philo , Mar 10, 2013
  10. Frank Gosebruch

    Noons Guest

    and why I don't give a fig about it.

    Sounds like the Usenet newsgroups and the petty trolls who populate them.
    but I'm not free to have them eliminated from my timeline.
    In a forum, I can. Including the likes of ill-disguised trolls.
    Noons, Mar 10, 2013
  11. Frank Gosebruch

    notbob Guest

    So, eliminate yer timeline.

    notbob, Mar 10, 2013
  12. I hit "k" for kill thread.
    Your Gecko/20130215 Thunderbird/17.0.3 should have that.
    Yes, the NG's have gone down hill. Mostly because isp's no longer
    carry NG's and few people know about them nowadays.
    Paul in Houston TX, Mar 10, 2013
  13. Frank Gosebruch

    Noons Guest

    nope. It's mine, all mine! MWAHAHAHA!
    Noons, Mar 11, 2013
  14. So Noons is a zombie?

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Mar 11, 2013
  15. Frank Gosebruch

    Joel Guest

    Ignoring thing you don't have no interest.

    I don't know about you but most of us don't have no administrator.
    Joel, Mar 15, 2013
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