HELP: Recovered AVI files now corrupted

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by crussellp, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. crussellp

    crussellp Guest

    I work at a University where people tend to come to me for advise because I
    am one of the few under 40 and I do not charge for anything I do.

    A student comes in with files he attempted to recover from a messed up
    partition. these files are AVI video of his child being born and first days
    home. Instead of saying sorry dude, nothing I can do, I figured that maybe I
    can do something nice for the guy and learn something in the process.

    After searching News Groups and the web, I have found neat little freeware
    utilities that do not work for this application, and the advice of someone
    who said that he used a hex editor to cut and paste his way. (Took a good
    AVI file and cut and pasted the corrupted into the middle of it.)

    I can make out parts of the corrupted video but that is it. Nothing more
    than fleeting glimpses in between multicoloured pixels.

    Any suggestions?

    crussellp, Feb 5, 2004
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  2. crussellp

    Martin Guest

    Take a look at GSpot from
    Also AVIcodec from

    Both will analyse the video and tell you the audio and video compression
    codecs used.

    'fleeting glimpses in between multicoloured pixels' sounds like a problem i
    recently had with some xVid videos.
    I needed an older version of the xVid codec to play these xVid videos as
    neither the latest xVid codec or the ffdshow filter would decode them

    You may also consider loading the video into Virtual Dub and scanning for
    Virtual Dub can also re-save your video without re-encoding it, re-writing
    the video's header info in the process. This <may> fix some corrupted AVIs.

    Virtual Dub freeware from

    Hope this helps - post more details of the video's properties if you can.

    Martin, Feb 6, 2004
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