Help! recovering video files from filexxxx.chk.

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by marks542004, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. marks542004

    marks542004 Guest

    I seem to remember chkdsk would recover file segments if the directory
    was corrupted. There is no way to tell if the file is complete. For
    text files you can open them in wordpad and try to reassemble them.

    It sounds like some file segments were recovered and the system had a
    size limitation. You may be able to concatenate these files into a
    complete file but I don't know how you identify the sections that go
    marks542004, Apr 23, 2005
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  2. You have a problem (understatement). What you have done is correct,

    But - files are not necessarily stored in a single contiguous piece of
    the disk, so it is probable that many or all of the file*.chk are not
    complete files but segments of complete files, depending on what the
    crash was and how chkdsk (or whatever) identified the chunks. Oh, and
    the 32k granularity of the reported sizes is a direct consequence of
    the cluster size on your hard drive. Cluster size is the unit of disk
    memory that the file system uses to allocate space. The size is always
    512 times some power of two, depending on the size of the partition and
    the file system you are using.

    Your task is to identify which set of chunks goes with one original
    file, and to combine that set in the correct order into a single file,
    then do the same for each of the remaining original files.

    This is not easy...

    Having said the above, I wonder if you could Google for a file recovery
    utility that would help in the process. The success might depend a lot
    on whether you have a FAT or NTFS file system. I have no opinion there,
    except a feeling that NTFS might be better. However, I'm not sure if
    NTFS produces this kind of file fragments after a crash.

    One good thing: you do have the file*.chk files. If you had not run the
    check utility until after a bit of disk activity, it is possible that
    many of the lost fragments could have been overwritten. No, I'm most
    likely wrong there, I think, since the fragments must have been marked
    as not available.

    Also, perhaps dome of the chunks were not originally video files, but
    other files that also got lost. That would explain them not playing.

    Good luck, and let's hope for more useful remarks from other people

    Gene E. Bloch, Apr 23, 2005
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  3. marks542004

    thomasgraham Guest

    Something happened to one of my hard drives, running on win2k, and many
    ..avi & .mpg files wound up in a subdirectory called found.000. They are
    all sized in multiples of 32,768 bytes and are named filexxxx.chk. I
    have tried renaming the .chk suffix to .mpg or .avi and have saved some
    of them this way, trying realplayer, winmediaplayer, & divx. Others only
    generate error messages when I try to play them after changing the
    suffix. Is there a more logical way to go about trying to recover these
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    thomasgraham, Apr 23, 2005
  4. marks542004

    thomasgraham Guest

    Thanks for you reply. All the files on that drive were video, some .avi
    and some .mpg. I don't think the videos are fragmented, since the ones I
    did recover so far are large (400 mb or so) and merely changing the
    extension brought them back. BTW, I didn't run the check utility- Win 2K
    did after the computer shut itself down and then rebooted. (I'm using a
    different computer now until I figure out what happened. I moved the HD,
    which is a secondary slave.) It is FAT32.
    thomasgraham, Apr 24, 2005
  5. marks542004

    Martin Guest

    Look in the Event Viewer for details of the CHKDSK scan - it'll be logged in
    the Event Viewer along with full details of problems found.
    The Event Viewer can be found within the Admin Tools in the Control Panel.

    You'll probably find more expert advice if you posted again on one of the
    Microsoft W2K newsgroups.

    Martin, Apr 24, 2005
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