Help! Trying to MERGE several images into one image.

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Fredas, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Fredas

    Fredas Guest

    I don't even know if Photoshop has the capability of doing this, but
    here goes.

    I have a digital rendition of a VHS video in my collection. The
    digital rendition is fine.
    That is to say, it's reasonably free of any recognizable digital
    artifacts. What it has
    plenty of is VHS artifacts. Noise and other things.

    Fortunately, the nature of the video in question presents a lot of
    opportunities to
    remove much of this noise. It is a recording of a cartoon, and the
    cartoon was
    animated at a relatively low framerate. This means that each "frame"
    of the cartoon
    was actually recorded to the VHS video redundantly. Perhaps up to four
    "frames" per animation "frame". I know this to be the case because I
    have already
    isolated a sequence of VHS "frames" as 720x480 images (deinterlaced
    fields) and
    recognized that they are identical, with the exception of the subtle
    differences in
    VHS noise.

    What I want to do is take one of these sequences of VHS images and
    merge them
    all together to make a single 720x480 image. For example, let's say
    VHS frames
    1001 to 1004 all show the exact same frame of cartoon animation. So I
    them as individual images, and load them into Photoshop. Now I want to
    all four 720x480 images into a single 720x480 image.

    The point, as you probably suspect by now, would be to reduce the level
    of VHS
    noise by virtue of using the redundancy inherent in those four images
    which are
    almost identical. As long as the frame of cartoon animation is
    motionless (which
    it is), it should work well, and the VHS noise should be reduced by
    quite a bit.
    I know this works, because there is a very expensive piece of software
    Visar which performs this function on video in a dynamic fashion, to
    pretty much the results I'm talking about (though it does a lot more).

    So that's what I'm after. I want to combine four (or more) images of
    the same
    resolution into a single image of the same resolution. It doesn't even
    have to
    be Photoshop. I'd be perfectly okay (and maybe even a little happier)
    if there
    turns out to be a way of doing this in, say, Premiere Pro, or
    VirtualDub. But if
    there is, it's not well-documented.

    Merging images. It _can't_ be that hard to do. But I'm having such a
    figuring out how. Help! :)
    Fredas, Apr 11, 2006
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  2. Fredas

    Paul Furman Guest

    Paul Furman, Apr 12, 2006
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  3. Fredas

    Laura Guest

    Hi, sounds like it might be easier to just take one of the frames and use
    clone stamp on the least damaged of them to remove the noise. If it is a
    cartoon, clone stamp should be easy.

    Laura, Apr 12, 2006
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