Help: WIA and slow My Computer

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by Yucca, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Yucca

    Yucca Guest


    Here's what I know about this issue:
    Some update that has been released after september 2004 breaks WIA-support.
    Opening of My Computer comes really slow, flashlight icon is shown when
    My Computer is opened. This is very frustrating.

    Microsoft has one solution fo this:;EN-US;819017

    "Disable WIA-support"

    Are they kidding? What kind of solution is that?

    It's quite annoying too if WIA is disabled. You have manually enable and
    start it every time when using scanner or downloading photos from
    digital camera etc.
    And I do this lot.

    So I am asking, does anyone know better solution? One would be the
    removation of buggy update that causes sympton. But what is that update?
    There are tons of updates :S

    Any better suggestions?

    Best regards,
    Yucca, Apr 7, 2006
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  2. Yucca

    Jukka Guest

    - Epox 8RDA3 mainboard

    -1GB DDR memory, 2x Kingston 166MHz (at dual channel, 334MHz)

    -Athlon XP3000+ processor

    -2x seagate HDD, both 60GB. Usage percent around 80%

    -OS is XP pro, latest service pack and now latest updates (and one of
    these updates causes or brings problem up)

    -USB keyboard

    -USB mouse

    -USB joystick "CH fighter stick"

    -USB throttle "CH pro throttle"

    -USB pedals "CH pro pedals"

    -USB Track-Ir 2 "head movement detector"

    -USB printer hp laserjet 1010

    -USB webcam, Logitech quickcam STX

    -Canon A520 camera cable attached to USB (so I only plug other end to
    camera when required)

    -Nokia CA-42 cable attached to USB (like camera, I plug other end to the
    phone when needed)

    -2 active USB hubs

    -Firewire scanner, Epson perfection 3200
    Thanks for the tip. I haven't checked startup speed. But I have isolated
    problem to WIA so far, but ofcourse all peripherals attached.

    I'll do some testing, if I find something that conflicts with other devices.
    Thank you!

    Regards, Yucca
    Jukka, Apr 11, 2006
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