Help: wise advice for choice of 3CCD 16:9 video camera

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Robert OConnor, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I am a newcomer to digital video. I know some things about Palm PDAs
    -- I am part of the GPL software Plucker team (
    and maintainer of the desktop component at .
    However, I don't know much yet about digital video, and was wondering
    if I could ask of some advice from people who know more about it.

    Am looking for advice on choice of a 3 CCD miniDV camera.

    The primary priority is image quality of motion video (stills not as

    The second priority is ability to record properly on the tape in a
    true 16:9 format without just adding white guide lines at top and
    bottom or using digital squeezing to distort the 4:3 image out into a
    16:9 format. (This true 16:9 feature seems to be an uncommon? A Canon
    Optura xi seems to do this as far as I can tell, but is a 1 CCD

    A computer will be used for editing. Have a 1Ghz G4 Apple Powerbook
    with 1GB RAM. Needs to be able to transfer video firewire onto
    computer and also transfer output completed video back to miniDV tape
    for storage.

    These things don't matter for me: size of camera (unless so much of a
    brick that it becomes tough to keep steady), on camera
    editing/special effects (since these will be done on computer),
    bundled editing software (I will get my own), quality of still
    photographs (I will use a dedicated digital photo camera for stills).

    The shorlist so far for quality is:
    Sony DCR-VX2000 (David Ruether's framegrabs that I've seen look very
    Panasonic DVX100
    Canon GL2
    Canon XL1s

    However, the 16:9 seems to be a tough one. The above cameras are my
    approximate price range. Any advice or other suggestions?

    Best wishes,
    Robert O'Connor
    Robert OConnor, Aug 31, 2003
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  2. There are 16:9 lens attachments that would produce very good quality
    results. They are not cheap, though.
    Short of a camcorder that has a CCD that records in native 16:9 mode, or a
    camcorder that has a built-in
    lens that "distorts" the image to record in that mode on a regular CCD, it
    would be your best option.
    Steve Michelson, Aug 31, 2003
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  3. Sony's PDX10 has native 16:9 mode. But it is a bit pricey, and is
    DVCAM as well (you can record to DV tape, but as a pro range camera it
    doesn't support DV LP speed, only SP -- may not matter since 60 or 80
    minutes of recording per tape is often fine, and LP speed can have
    problems on playback).
    Jeffery S. Jones, Aug 31, 2003
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