Help with 25 fps vs. 50 fps output from Premiere.

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Gianlu, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Gianlu

    Gianlu Guest

    I beg pardon for my english but i'm not an English speaking person.
    I'm new with Premiere.
    My problem is the following: I want to edit the films recorded with my
    sony dcr pc3 videocamera (so I can capture a dv2 pal avi from the
    firewire link) and outputting them in a divx deinterlace and resized
    I need to deinterlace them because keeping them interlaced is too bit
    expensive (my kiss dvd player plays well the avi interlaced material
    only if they are non vertical resized. I tryed several methods of
    deinterlacing (Premiere, virtualdub filter smartdeinterlace, avisynth
    filter like fielddeinterlace from decomb, smartdeinterlace,
    kerneldeinterlace and so on) that keep the frame rate of 25 fps. With
    this frame rate the results are not good (there are some ghost effects
    and the movie is not completely fluid). So I use smooth deinterlace or
    bob deinterlace from virtualdub which double the fps (-> 50 fps) and
    archive them for the successive editing in Premiere 6.5.
    After editing them, when I try to export the timeline from premiere, I
    have no choise to export at 50 frame per second, but only at the
    standard pal 25 fps (or the other standards). So Premiere discard 1
    frame every 2 giving to the final movie a non fluid movement.
    I would like to know if there is a possibility to export it at 50 fps.
    For the moment the workaround I use is to speed down every movie and
    audio in my project at speed of 50%, so the fineal avi time is
    doubled, export at 25 fps and then change with virtualdub the video
    fps to 50 (obteining the final video with the correct duration at
    50fps -> fluid and to double the frequence of the audio with besweet
    from 25 to 50fps to match the video.
    This is highly time consuming. Someone have some suggestions?

    Thank you to everyone.
    Gianlu, Dec 10, 2003
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