Help with Panasonic NVDX100 Camera

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Rock, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. Rock

    Rock Guest


    I have been offered a Panasonic NVDX100 3ccd camera and I was wondering
    if its is considered to be a good camera.

    I caqnnot afford a newer 3ccd and this comes at a good price. At the
    moment I have a Panasonic NV7 which is a great camera but not 3ccd.

    I shoot weddings mainly and use auto settings as I am really not a

    Thanks for any info, good or bad,

    Rock, Oct 13, 2003
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  2. Rock

    Tech God Guest


    My other camera is a Panasonic DX 100. When I bought the
    Sony I wondered which camera would perform better. From
    what I have seen so far, the trv900 is not to be positioned
    against the Canon XL1 or the VX 1000. The latter cameras cover
    the advanced amateur/semiprofessional range whereas the trv 900
    competes with the Panasonic DX100. I mention this because
    most of the comparisons I have seen in the internet so far
    talk about trv900, xl1 and dx1000.

    To tell the truth my first impressions about the picture
    quality of the trv900 where not very good compared to the
    dx100. I started with the trv900 entirely in auto-mode.
    The white balance in artificial lighting is better with the
    dx100 as is the grainyness of the picture. The autofocus
    seems to work better on my dx100 in lowlight-conditions.
    If put to manual the trv 900 performs equally good as the
    dx100. To my opinion the trv900 tries to get a brighter
    picture thus increasing the gain up to maximum which results
    in grainy pictures. The dx100 increases gain much more
    moderately which results in a better allthough slightly
    darker picture. The automatic white balance on my dx100
    is more natural which might be caused by the external
    w/b-sensor. Compared to the panasonic the trv 900's
    automatic w/b under artificial light makes an unnatural
    warm (=red) picture.

    I would summarize my experience as follows:

    The dx100 is still a superb camera. In auto-mode it is
    almost unbeatable. The viewfinder is sharper. The ergonomy
    is much better (it has only four switches for manual operation).
    It is less heavy and more compact than the trv900.

    The trv900 needs more manual intervention. The picture quality
    is equally good as the dx100's if the cameraman overrides the
    automatic (especialy under low light conditions). The lens is
    worse mainly because of the bad f-aparture which reaches 2,8 (!)
    in tele-mode and because of it's poor wide angle.

    Kind regards

    Tech God, Oct 14, 2003
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  3. Rock

    Rock Guest

    Thank you very much

    Rock, Oct 14, 2003
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