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Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by dwight, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. dwight

    dwight Guest

    This newsgroup is populated with some fantastic and ultra-helpful folks, and
    I was pleased to see this when I started lurking for information. Not only
    are most of you readily forthcoming with opinions, but much good and solid
    experience, too. And I've become a huge fan of some of the talents
    represented here.

    While I marvel at some of the photographs I've seen through this group, I am
    simultaneously dismayed (I could never hope to capture images of such
    quality) and inspired (I hope one day to be able to capture images of such
    quality). In the meantime, it occurs to me that I might be able to provide a
    real service to my fellow "enthusiasts."

    Every image on dpreview.com seems to be perfection. I'll buy a camera and
    wonder what's wrong with either the camera or the photographer, that I can't
    get the same sort of results. I read good things here about a particular
    lens, then I buy the lens and wonder what everybody was talking about...

    So, rather than plunk down $500 to $1500 for a new lens, I've decided to
    first take them for a test-drive. And I've put my results on my website for
    all to see. So far, I've tried out the 70-200 f/2.8L (with limited
    opportunities) and the 100mm f/2.8 macro (still working with it), and I'm
    happy to show what "I" can do with these lenses. That way, anyone else
    thinking of purchasing either of them can see what to expect - at the least.

    Real-World Lens Tests. Do they help?

    dwight, Apr 3, 2007
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  2. dwight

    jean Guest

    Sure they help, try out a 24-105 f4 L, great lens.

    jean, Apr 3, 2007
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