Hi8 Pal Recorded, looks fine on NTSC Cam. LCD, but not TV or DV out

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by curious314159, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. I have several Hi8 Tapes, recorded on using a PAL camcorder in Europe.
    When I got back, it plays fine on my NTSC camcorder internally (looks
    perfect on the LCD), but I can't find a way to get it out of the NTSC

    Is there ANY way to get the PAL recorded video out of Hi8 tape through
    an NTSC cameras? It plays ok inside the NTSC camera, so the camera
    internally does the right conversion it looks like, but I can't get the
    out through s-video, dv-out, or analog, fames are
    always scrolling down (or up). Any help would be appreaciated.

    curious314159, Jun 3, 2006
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  2. curious314159 wrote ...
    Yes, a few cameras likely do this, but it is not something
    you can depend on from every camcorder.
    Highly unlikely. Some PAL equipment will play NTSC,
    but almost no NTSC equipment will play PAL, unless it
    is something specifically designed for multi-standard.
    If you want something that will play PAL, it must be
    designed to play PAL.
    Richard Crowley, Jun 4, 2006
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  3. curious314159

    webpa Guest

    Sorry. Your tapes are encoded in an alien format: PAL. PAL differs
    from NTSC in frame rate, color encoding, aspect ratio, and other more
    subtle things. It is not physically possible to "get the video out" as
    you desire, because it (an NTSC version of the video) isn't there. If
    (as I suspect) you want an NTSC version of the video in order to edit
    and/or display it on your NTSC equipment, then you have several

    1. Take the PAL tapes to a standards conversion service (WalMart does
    this in some parts of the US...other, more nuianced businesses do it
    also). You get a Hi8, VHS, DVD, etc. copy of the originals encoded in
    NTSC. How much you spend per minute will determine the quality of the
    results. Law of physics: The copy will not contain all the information
    comprising the original.

    2. Invest in, borrow, or rent a "standards converting" VCR. Never
    seen a Hi8 animal like this...always been VHS (Panasonic WV-1, Samsung
    World-Wide-Video). Find a PAL Hi8 machine that will run on the mains
    power in your home...dub to the standards converting VCR.

    3. Find a PAL Hi8 VCR; use it to play the tapes into your
    computer....Google S/W capable of converting PAL to NTSC (hint: none of
    it is free...not much of it works very well).

    4. Go back to Europe: Use an NTSC camcorder.

    There may be more options...I'm open to suggestions. But it is a
    pretty good bet this is it.

    Good luck.
    webpa, Jun 4, 2006
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