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  1. To encourage discussion with those who are interested in the history of
    photography I've decided to mount up the most recent newsletter here
    and you can visit the website at www.luminous-lint.com to learn more.

    All the best,

    Alan Griffiths

    Newsletter: issue 1.4
    May 31, 2006


    Well it's been a busy month and thanks to everybody for helping out in
    so many ways. Progress on the www.luminous-lint.com site has been
    immense in the last four weeks so let's go through some of the key


    The website now has around 5,000,000 hits a month, includes over 9,700
    photographers names, has indexed details on over 6,300 photographic
    books, accesses over 10,700 photographs, and the current estimate is
    that it has around 35,000 highly structured webpages and millions of
    internal links.

    To date over 1,200 people have contributed information from around the
    world and most of the major 19th century photography dealers are
    allowing use of their textual and photographic materials. I'd also like
    to thank the private collectors who are providing remarkable resources.
    The full implications of this will become apparent as increasing
    numbers of exhibitions start to come alive and are integrated into the
    textual history.


    For those of you who have been watching the changes in the progress on
    the Peer Reviewed History of Photography (PRONHOP) webpage at:


    You will have seen how quickly the exhibitions are being developed.
    When we completed the wonderful Autochrome exhibition I had planned for
    over 100 exhibitions to be online by the end of this year but almost 40
    have become live in the last six weeks. I'm now expecting as many as
    200 by the end of this year.

    Recently released highlights include:

    Introduction to 19th century photography types
    Carte de visites
    Cabinet cards (backs only at this point)
    19th century Regional studies (Egypt, India, Japan, China, Europe)
    John Guttman (hosted in conjunction with the Museum of Fine Arts,
    Houston - MFAH)
    Bill Jay (has provided portraits of photographers from his wonderful
    Contemporary Daguerreotypes (this has been started)
    Contemporary photographers
    No exhibition on this site is ever closed and we are always seeking
    improvement - so if you have suggestions, corrections or other images
    that would improve it then let me know.


    Contemporary photographers are part of the history too. To this end I
    want to be able to demonstrate how we can show stylistic trends that go
    from the earliest photographers up to the present day. I'm inviting a
    small number of photographers whose work highlights trends and then as
    the history texts are prepared these will serve as examples to improve
    our understanding.

    I welcome suggestions for photographers that should be included.


    Many of you are involved in preparing exhibitions and texts and do
    remember to send through the material as it is prepared. As we progress
    the materials will improve.


    If you have a set of jpeg scans from a significant album or book of the
    19th century and are willing to share them I'd love to hear from you.
    All images are fully credited. If you have suggestions for topics to be
    included we always welcome them.


    I'm still looking for sets of images and background texts for 19th
    century South America and Africa - if anybody has access to useful
    material then send me an email.


    Within the next month exhibitions will start to appear including those
    on ambrotypes, cyanotypes, tintypes, magic lantern slides and stereo
    cards. I'm also hoping to be able to mount up some exhibitions of early
    American photographic ephemera.

    The biographies are being expanded continually and I'm now just
    starting to add in the portfolio and studio stamp material.

    As always I welcome your suggestions as to how the website should
    develop so send me an email.

    All the best,


    Apologies for any cross postings
    Alan - Luminous-Lint, Jun 1, 2006
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