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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Robert Riley, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Robert Riley

    Robert Riley Guest

    What software do you recommend for organizing, editing, and archiving
    digital photographs?

    Is there a low or mid-priced digital camera capable of wide angel shots
    equivalent to a 28mm lens on SLR? I've seen some cheesy lens adapters, but
    I'm very skeptical about those.

    The Mayor
    Robert Riley, Apr 1, 2004
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  2. Robert Riley

    Chris Guest

    I like Adobe's Photoshop 7.0, and JASC's Paintshop Pro 8. Both will do very
    well for digital image editing. I've used afew others, but wasn't as
    impressed with the interface, or the features. I like PSP 8's "one-touch
    enhancement" feature very much.
    Most P&S (point & shoot) digitals with just about any optical zoom to the
    lens offer 28mm equivalent, or darn close to it. To be sure, try and find a
    site that offers sample photos taken with the camera. These should provide
    you with direct examples of quality at various zoom modes, and in various
    lighting conditions.

    At a glance, most P&S digicams with optical zoom start around 28 to 38mm,
    and extend out to around 100mm, making them roughly equivalent of your
    average P&S film camera. Nothing spectacular, but not bad if you don't
    expect alot of distance shots with telephoto. My Canon A60 has a film lens
    equivalent to 35-105mm zoom.
    Chris, Apr 1, 2004
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  3. Robert Riley

    Drifter Guest

    My workflow runs like this...
    I have folders by year. Inside those folders I have sub-folders with
    the event names, for this example we'll call the folder "Birthday".
    Inside "Birthday" is another sub-folder called "RAW".

    The RAW folder is where I keep the "master copy" of any image sets
    (the straight from the camera images) be they RAW format or JPEG or
    whatever. I don't do any editing on these images, they are my
    "digital negatives".

    I make a copy of the images from the RAW folder out to the "Birthday"
    folder (converting RAW to JPEG with Breezebrowser if necessary). This
    is my general viewing, tweaking, etc set of files. If I find that I
    want to print something I can either use the JPEG, or pull another
    copy out of the RAW folder and start tweaking with the best possible
    image available (usually this tweaking is done with Photoshop, but
    sometimes just with Photodex's CompuPic-pro).

    I also have a small batch file that creates a blank .txt file for each
    of the jpeg files. I enter any notes about a photo into that textfile
    and keep it with the jpeg.

    So the short answer is
    -Adobe Photoshop CS
    -CompuPic Pro
    -Notepad (windows)

    "I've been here, I've been there..."
    Drifter, Apr 2, 2004
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