Hope not OT, flat bed scanner for 127 Ektachrome

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by clutch, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. clutch

    clutch Guest

    I hope I am not off topic on this question but I thought I would float
    a question on converting film images to digital. My prime concern is
    that the family has a number of 127 slides that I would love to
    capture, preserve, and pass on copies to each limb on the family tree.

    In the mix is some 35mm bw film strips, 35mm slides, 120/620 and even
    some 4x5 negatives.

    While googling around tonight I viewed hits on the epson 4870 and 4870
    pro scanner that initially sounds like it might be the ticket.
    However, I also read some comments that it really doesn't have the
    resolution that is advertized, software is buggy, ect.

    What a bummer. I thought I found a solution. A scanner with enough
    resolution to scan my slides and some thing that would be usefull as a
    normal scanner after this one time endeavor is complete. Firewire as
    an interface a real plus considering data size.

    Btw, is it usable as a normal flat bed scanner?

    Also I don't understand what the PRO version gives in the bargain. I
    don't have photoshop, I use Gimp for image stuff.

    I thank you in advance for any info that will guide me to the right

    clutch, Apr 9, 2004
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  2. It ain't perfect, but the alternative (Nikon 9000) is US$2,000.
    Yes. No problem. (I used an earlier version, the 2450.)
    I think it includes Silverfast, a scanning program. The third party program
    Vuescan is highly recommend and does similar things.

    There's also comp.periphs.scanners where people who know a lot more than I
    hang out.

    David J. Littleboy
    Tokyo, Japan
    David J. Littleboy, Apr 9, 2004
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  3. clutch

    Mark Johnson Guest

    Do you have a digicam you could use to shoot the slides and negatives?
    Mark Johnson, Apr 9, 2004
  4. clutch

    clutch Guest

    Way out of my budget
    Maybe the is the difference between the pro version and non-pro
    version. I will look into reviews of vuescan vs Silverfast.
    I plan to hit that one next. Didn't want to cross post to both since
    my question might get censored by someones newsproxy rules.
    Thank you
    clutch, Apr 9, 2004
  5. clutch

    clutch Guest

    That is a very intriguing question. I currently have only a lowly
    Sony P-32 digicam. My real cameras are a Cannon F-1 and EF. I dearly
    want to transition into the digital age with a good prosumer grade
    digicam. I am looking at the Minolta A-2 and the eos 300d rebel. I
    took a look at the Sony 828 but didn't like it based on it's form. I
    guess I want a camera to look and feel like a good old film based slr.

    So how do you shoot slides with a digicam? I'd love to put the
    scanner money toward the purchase of a decent digicam. The flat bed
    scanner can wait.

    Thank you for your response,

    clutch, Apr 9, 2004
  6. clutch

    Mark Johnson Guest

    That should produce top results, depending. You probably want a good
    drum scanner. I was suggest something a little less expensive. A good
    4-5MP digicam, a lightbox with a 'daylite' tube, a sheet of black
    posterboard with a hole for the slide or negative, a 72mm
    closeup/macro lens for the digicam, which 72mm fits right over the 2"
    pipe connectors you can find at the local home center. Except for the
    lightbox, the whole kit should set you back about 10 bucks. You can
    get different couplings, adjustable threaded trap connectors, and
    press in connectors, for a combination of length for what is
    essentially a 'tube bellows', and nothing more. You can even get
    super-8, that way. Amazing amount of detail to be found there - but
    still not great.

    I have a couple of examples under www.scenic-route.com/ , photos,
    animals, and look at the two tiger photos. Both shot right off the
    negative strip, reversed, boosted, and sharpened a bit. The closeup of
    the elephant and cuddly koala are from slides. So are the only two
    airshow photos, at present. I do have some great stuff of the old
    Frecce Tricolori, if I ever get it posted. I also have a few lame
    shots of an sr-71 (the thing is just solid black, basically), and the
    last year the German demo team ran with the Starfighters (a jet engine
    with wings, basically). Unfortunately, I must have had my attention
    elsewhere, and got virually nothing from probably one of the best air
    show sections I've ever seen. Just didn't photograph it, really.

    And you can never go back again. True for most any photos you ever
    want to take.
    Mark Johnson, Apr 11, 2004
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