hotshoe to hotshoe flash cable

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Pierre Jelenc, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Can one find somewhere a generic hotshoe to hotshoe flash cable (about 3ft
    extended) to connect a Lumix FZ20 to an Olympus T-32 flash in manual mode?

    Olympus has a hs-to-hs cable but prices range from $60 to $90! Rather
    steep for a simple piece of wire and bits of plastic.

    A salesman at B&H assured me that such cables didn't even exist! He
    insisted that I needed a hotshoe-to-jack and an "adapter".


    Pierre Jelenc, Sep 13, 2005
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  2. Pierre Jelenc

    Darrell Guest

    Look for Duo-Sync, I don't think they are still in manufacturer but they pop
    up on eBay for $10-20
    Darrell, Sep 13, 2005
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  3. Thanks.

    Pierre Jelenc, Sep 13, 2005
  4. That sounds like what the salesman was talking about, but what's a Pc
    But I don't want anything dedicated, on the contrary I want something as
    generic as possible: plain ISO hotshoe to plain ISO hotshoe, with one
    contact in the middle and one contact surrounding it in a horseshoe
    pattern. Plain on/off trigger, nothing else; the FZ20 cannot control the
    flash, only fire it.

    Pierre Jelenc, Sep 13, 2005
  5. Is this something like what's on my flash:

    Pierre Jelenc, Sep 14, 2005
  6. No, then. It has 4 pins, and both ends of the cable are male. Oh well.

    Pierre Jelenc, Sep 14, 2005
  7. Pierre-

    Do you plan to use the T-32 on the camera, with the cable connected
    between the T-32's side socket and the Lumix flash? If you could do that,
    do you know it will work?

    The Olympus Bounce Grip and Camera Bracket for the T-32, has a socket with
    the same connection as on the side of the T-32. It is normally used with
    a cable connecting between the bracket and the camera body, either to a
    separate connector on the body (OM-4) or to an adapter in place of the hot
    shoe (OM-2). If it would work connected to the T-32's side connector, you
    could use the bounce grip to hold the Lumix flash.

    I don't know of any cheaper way to achieve this.

    As a side note, the Olympus camera bracket also has a "PC Cord" built-in,
    with the cable and co-axial PC connector stored on its bottom side.

    Fred McKenzie, Sep 15, 2005
  8. I've used the flash directly in the hotshoe, and that works perfectly well
    except that I get these hard shadows.

    What I want to do is hold the flash at arm's length, and with a diffuser
    over the light, so as to achieve the equivalent of a bounced flash in
    music clubs where the ceiling is usually painted black and/or is too high
    for effective bouncing.
    That's a solution for a different problem, which I don't really have at
    this moment.

    I must say that I am stunned that a simple hotshoe-to-hotshoe cable is not
    a standard commodity. I cannot fathom the reason for that intermediary PC
    connector and my engineer's mind rebels against such extraneous complica-
    tion and potential failure point.

    Pierre Jelenc, Sep 15, 2005
  9. Pierre-

    I believe Darrell mentioned such a cable (Duo-Sync) early on. I have one
    for a Pentax camera. It also provides the TTL and ready-light contacts,
    but would appear to work for your application as well.

    The company may still be in business. I see one is listed at B&H:
    for an Olympus camera. I expect one for any camera with a standard
    hotshoe would work in manual flash mode.

    My previous comments were based on the photo you provided showing the T-32
    and its cable.

    Fred McKenzie, Sep 16, 2005
  10. I haven't seen one listed for a generic camera (and the salesman at B&H
    clearly did not know about this Duo Sync cable; I did not think to go to
    the "used" department.

    Pierre Jelenc, Sep 16, 2005
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