How big can you get a transparancy?

Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Richard, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Richard

    Richard Guest

    I'm not a photographer.

    Slides were (are) made from 35mm film. Okay, they are tiny.

    Can you get "slides" or transparencies made much bigger - like 500mm x
    300mm (and larger)?

    Can you get such large transparencies made from prints/pictures? TIA.
    Richard, Feb 8, 2006
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  2. I remember that when Cibachrome was introduced there was a transparency
    Suggest you try BPD Photech . They do prints and,
    presumably, could do transparencies if the material is still around.
    Malcolm Stewart, Feb 8, 2006
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  3. Richard

    Tumbleweed Guest

    What do you want to accomplish?
    Tumbleweed, Feb 8, 2006
  4. Richard

    Brian Guest

    Depending on what you want it for you could print onto acetate. An A3
    printer would do close to that size.

    Brian, Feb 8, 2006
  5. Richard

    Tony Polson Guest

    Yes, it can still be done on Ilfochrome (formerly Cibachrome).

    BPD is the place to go. Not cheap but very, very good.
    Tony Polson, Feb 9, 2006
  6. Richard

    Neil Barker Guest

    You certainly used to be - Colab used to do 'Duratrans' which were just
    that. Extremely expensive, though.
    Neil Barker, Feb 9, 2006
  7. Richard

    Stu Carter Guest

    Move the projector further back?

    Just a thought. There may be a solution for your problem 'outside the

    Are you looking for viewing on a light-box? Less grain in the projected
    article? Projection from a fixed place (OHP)?


    Stu Carter, Feb 9, 2006
  8. Richard

    Mark Dunn Guest

    Mark Dunn, Feb 9, 2006
  9. Richard

    Richard Guest

    I was thinking about having the transparancy over a light box.

    Cheapest would be to see if one could print a quality transparancy on

    I wonder if anyone does that.
    Richard, Feb 9, 2006
  10. Richard

    Alan Holmes Guest

    How big do you want them?

    Alan Holmes, Feb 9, 2006
  11. Richard

    Mark Dunn Guest

    Any pro lab will dupe to 10x8. Still not sure if that's what you mean.
    Mark Dunn, Feb 9, 2006
  12. Richard

    Tony Polson Guest

    Try reading the post you replied to.

    The answer is in the phrase "500mm x 300mm (and larger)".

    You quoted this phrase in your reply, but apparently didn't read it.

    Tony Polson, Feb 9, 2006
  13. Richard

    Alan Holmes Guest

    Oh dear, I must learn to read properly!

    Alan Holmes, Feb 9, 2006
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