How can I find what fonts are used in an PSD file?

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by eduncan911, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. eduncan911

    eduncan911 Guest

    I have the all too common error of Adobe Photoshop CS opening a file
    but gives the error of an invalid text layer. Which usually means I
    don't have the font installed that used for that layer.

    Well, I was the original author of this PSD file. But I've formatted
    my machine a few months ago. Now I need to edit the file again.

    I've installed like 2500+ fonts from every source I can think of of
    where I might have obtained the previous font.

    I still get that error!!!

    Is there a way, a freeware application of sometype, that will tell me
    what fonts are all being used in an PSD file? This is quite annoying,
    been 3 days now of me just installing every font I can get my hands on.

    Thanks in advance!
    eduncan911, Mar 27, 2005
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  2. eduncan911

    edjh Guest

    Yikes. You're asking for trouble installing a huge number of fonts.
    Photoshop will tell you which are the missing fonts. Scroll down to the
    very bottom of the fonts list (if you can with all those fonts)and there
    will be a line; the missing fonts are listed underneath it.
    edjh, Mar 27, 2005
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  3. eduncan911

    eduncan911 Guest

    Humm. Where exactly would I scroll?

    Create a new document, place a text box on a layer, and scroll down the
    font list for that Text control?

    Doing that shows about 22 fonts. Several with names, but most of them
    with "ft##" where ## is replaced by a number. I can select them and
    enter text with that font. There's also "two" lines at the bottom.

    Perhaps I'm missing where you are directing me too.

    eduncan911, Mar 27, 2005
  4. eduncan911

    edjh Guest

    You're in the right place. You have over 1200 fonts and the list only
    shows 22? I'd remove most but the most basic fonts first. Sounds like
    something is corrupt somewhere.

    Then open a previously saved document, one that gives the error message
    and look at that list.
    edjh, Mar 27, 2005
  5. eduncan911

    Eric Gill Guest

    ....which tells you which typeface it's looking for, btw.
    Eric Gill, Mar 28, 2005
  6. eduncan911

    eduncan911 Guest

    Yes, I have a lot of fonts loaded. Scrolling to the very bottom shows
    two "lines". Under the first line it lists one font name. Then
    another line, and under the 2nd line it shows 21 fonts. 7 have names
    and the others are named similar to ft## (ft12 - ft53).

    edjh says:
    "Then open a previously saved document, one that gives the error
    and look at that list. "

    That's the thing. I can not open the PSD file that gives that error.
    When I attempt to open it, it does not load and I get the error message
    below. Then it only gives me the option to click OK, which closes it.
    No partial loading or anything.

    It's Photoshop CS if that matter.

    Eric Gill says:
    "which tells you which typeface it's looking for, btw. "

    The error message is: "Could not complete your request because the
    layer is not a valid text layer."

    Uh, am I missing something that tells me the "typeface"?

    Thanks in advance!
    eduncan911, Mar 28, 2005
  7. eduncan911

    Chris Cox Guest

    Nothing, because that error message has nothing to do with missing

    It says "the layer is not a valid text layer" - which most likely means
    the file is corrupt.

    Chris Cox, Mar 28, 2005
  8. eduncan911

    tacit Guest

    You are not missing a font. If there is a font missing, you get a
    different error message, which reads:

    "Some text layers contain fonts that are missing. These layers will need
    to have the missing fonts replaced before they can be used for vector
    based output."

    The error message you are seeing is telling you that the Photoshop file
    is corrupt (specifically, one of the text layers is damaged); that file
    can not be used. Replace the file from your backups.
    tacit, Mar 28, 2005
  9. eduncan911

    spO Guest

    I think if you double click on the boxed "T" in the layers palate it should
    show what font's missing.

    spO, Mar 30, 2005
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