How can I get button pusched and number of copies selected on my Hp Scanjet

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by ConfCommercio Isola d'Elba, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. I have a scanner HP Scanjet 5590 and I wold like to use it with a program
    that I will do by myself with Delphi.
    I would like to make possible starting my own program by pushing one of the
    scanner's button giving this program the possibility to recognize which is
    that button that was pushed and something more about the statement of the
    numerical display and the selection of b/n or colour.
    I would like to know (if possible) any utility or any Activex control or
    Dll Library that fits to my aim or to have some technical documents that can
    help me.
    Mauro Cilli
    ConfCommercio Isola d'Elba, Mar 9, 2006
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