How do you take DV from Computer back to MiniDV Tape?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by bradesp, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. bradesp

    bradesp Guest

    Probabaly a silly question, but...

    I'm planning on using Canopus to convert older VHS and 8MM tapes to
    DV. I then want to put this high quality DV back on tape for archival
    purposes. Can I send this digital back to a MiniDV player, bypassing
    the camera's own DV processing and direct record this digital feed?
    If not, is there another method for getting the PC Domain DV onto tape
    without a conversion process?

    Naturally I plan on burning DVD's once in the PC Domain, however I
    want to preserve this DV content and not rely on the Mpeg DVD as my
    long-term archive.


    bradesp, Dec 24, 2003
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  2. Yes, providing that the device (DV VCR, DV camcorder, etc.)
    has a Firewire/IEEE1394 connection to your computer.
    For all practical purposes, no there is no OTHER method as
    this one is straightforward and widely supported. (Assuming
    you are in the USA and don't have a EU-crippled camcorder
    that won't record digital from Firewire.)
    Good plan.
    Richard Crowley, Dec 24, 2003
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  3. If you are converting the analogue video to D25 (Mini-DV and similar)
    to pass on to the computer, that signal is passed back to camera/deck/etc.
    for recording on Mini-DV tape unchanged - there is no processing in the
    camera, and the quality of the DV is maintained (assuming no dropouts).
    BTW, DV (D25, anyway...) is itself compressed 5:1 as it appears on tape
    or FireWire connections - but it loses no quality (assuming no dropouts
    or other transfer glitches...) with repeated copying/transfering...
    David Ruether, Dec 24, 2003
  4. bradesp

    martin Guest

    I have a similar query, on behalf of my dad and his new camcorder, so
    if anyone can help I'd be most grateful:

    The camcorder is a Canon MV600i. He has been able to record on a
    MiniDV using the camcorder, and has managed to connect the camcorder,
    via the firewire, to his PC. He has edited the video using Windows
    Movie Maker, and now wants to transfer his creation back to the
    mini-dv in the camcorder, so that he can connect the camera to the
    television and watch his edited movie. Canon have told us that it
    *is* possible to do this with our camcorder model, but we have no idea
    *how* to do it. Do we need specialist software? We have Windows
    Media Player as well, but cannot find an option to save/export/record
    the edited movie onto the tape. My dad is now thinking of buying a
    DVD writer, but I am convinced that there is a solution to doing this,
    and it is probably staring us in the face. Can anyone shed light?

    Hoping someone clever soul can assist......
    martin, Dec 25, 2003
  5. A quick look at Windows Movie Maker shows that while it can
    import video from a camcorder, it apparently wasn't designed to
    EXport video. You will likely need a conventional video editing
    program. Movie Maker appears to be a limited-functionality
    utility that comes free with Windows.
    Richard Crowley, Dec 25, 2003
  6. bradesp

    Steve King Guest

    My copy of Windows Movie Maker (Version 5.1 w/Service Pack 1... free from
    MS) Lists on the left: 1. Capture Video with a drop down arrow that gives
    several choices 2. Edit Movie (same drop down) and 3. Finish Movie with one
    of the drop down choices as "Send to DV camera". Seems pretty striaght
    forward unless you have a different version. Look a little further before
    you spend money on something your father may or may not really need.

    There is a contributor here, whose name I forget, who has a web site devoted
    to Windows Movie Maker and its excellent capabilities for a simple free
    editing program. Google this news group and for Windows
    Movie Maker and you should come up with something.

    Steve King

    Steve King
    Steve King, Dec 25, 2003
  7. bradesp

    martin Guest

    Thanks guys for your help. He had the old version of Windows Movie
    Maker, so once we had upgraded (for free) it solved the problem for

    martin, Dec 28, 2003
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