How is anyon using DSLRs for video?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Tony, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Tony

    Brian Guest

    It pays to experiment, it can be rewarding. :)
    Brian, Jan 2, 2014
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  2. [Once VASTLY abridged, yet now it's again long - but interesting...!;-]
    The technical image-quality differences in cameras and lenses are
    generally (but not always) not evident in magazine reproductions,
    which tend to "level" and change image characteristics somewhat...
    As for photos taken with unusual angles-of-view or perspective
    types, this may apply, and if there is some technical or particular
    ease-of-use reason why one camera may make a specific type of photo
    more practical to take with it, this may also apply, but otherwise
    it is more likely the "vision" and skill of the photographer that
    applies (PLUS LUCK!;-).
    Relatively poor gear limits possibilities more, but, yes, many
    great photos HAVE been taken with gear and media with enormous
    limitations, but, given the choice, would you accept being limited
    by your gear more than you need to be? And, expense is not all that
    much of an issue, since currently there is much good gear available
    at relatively low prices. It may take a little research at a given
    price level to find the best gear, but it is out there!;-) Best
    when doing that is to ignore preconceptions about what gear is
    "good" so as not to go for the well-marketed over the "better"...;-)
    Anything that is appropriate for the aesthetic purposes of the image
    can be used...;-)
    Maybe I'm misunderstanding the last, but "no". What I've been saying
    is that buying by brand alone is a mistake if one is after the highest
    quality. All makers make some over-priced "stinkers", and some
    "off-brand" and obscure things can be excellent (and cheap). Also,
    samples of a specific lens model do often vary noticeably, and some
    can be quite poor. Also, as for instance is the case of choosing, say,
    Panasonic vs. Olympus lenses, much as I prefer using Panasonic lenses
    over Olympus lenses (with my Panasonic bodies), I WOULD NOT recommend
    using Panasonic lenses on Olympus cameras for technical reasons, even
    though their bayonet mounts and electrical contacts are identical!;-)
    "The devil is in the details..." 8^)
    This is why I buy only from sources that "cheerfully refund or
    exchange" (MY choice!).
    Yes, this *can* be a useful start, but I have been fooled by doing that
    MANY times! 8^( There are some good test sites, but MANY are
    and/or poor...
    David Ruether, Jan 2, 2014
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  3. Tony

    Brian Guest

    Thanks David for the information and comments.

    I have removed some text as its getting long again.

    I have found that dpreview a good source for camera and lens tests. They
    tend to go into detail and show the results in graphs and photos. Do you
    know of any other site that you can recommend?
    Brian, Jan 3, 2014
  4. Some that I've found, with a variety in quality and range,
    are (in no particular order) here - and I removed a few
    others after just now checking them out again...): (sharpness 3D graphs)

    There is also my Nikkor comparison list, at:

    And soon will be my MFT lenses for Panasonic cameras,
    listed at:

    David Ruether, Jan 3, 2014
  5. Tony

    Brian Guest

    Thanks David. I'll check them out.
    Brian, Jan 3, 2014
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