How many PRO digital photographers are there?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Brian P. Barnes, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I am doing research on the number of professional DIGITAL photographers
    world wide. I would like to have a reasonable estimate on how many use
    Photoshop. I find myself spending almost as much time Photoshopping as I
    do shooting and I want to automate parts of the Photoshopping process.

    The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that there are 61,000 in America
    in 2001, not counting self employed. This number seems to be very, very
    low. But, other research says that there will be roughly 36,000,000
    digital cameras sold this year so there should be well over 100,000,000
    digital cameras out there. Is it possible that only one in 1500 digital
    cameras in America is used by a PRO?

    Searching Google for "photographer austin texas" yields 49,400 hits.

    How many copies of Photoshop are floating around out there?

    Thank you,

    Brian P. Barnes, Jul 15, 2003
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  2. Brian P. Barnes

    Corien Guest

    grin :) ( PSP here )
    Corien, Jul 16, 2003
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  3. Not only possible, but likely. Just think of how many households have
    digital cameras...remember, you can pick up these things for very little
    money. The models for professional use are over $2000 in most cases...and
    that is for a basic setup at best.
    Deno J. Andrews
    Deno J. Andrews, Jul 18, 2003
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