How much water in Kodalk?

Discussion in 'Darkroom Developing and Printing' started by Larry, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Larry

    Larry Guest

    hello all,

    am feeling a bit silly asking this question. When I mix Kodalk, can I
    place it in order in the formula with which I'm using it or should I
    make a stock solution of it to add to my formula? If I am making a
    stock solution, how much water using the one gram formula mentioned

    thanks again,
    Larry Kriese
    Larry, Jan 18, 2009
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  2. Larry

    Larry Guest

    Thank you once again, Richard.

    I live in a town where one can still find 20 mule team Borax and lye
    on various grocery store shelves. All of those hippies, artists and
    naturallists can be thanked for that....

    Larry, Jan 19, 2009
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