How sharp are your prints?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by angus, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. angus

    angus Guest

    Some of my 4x6 prints produced on a Kodak machine at my local drug store
    seemed a tad soft to my eye so I had them print out a test pattern.

    The result can be seen here

    Both horizontal and vertical resolutions are around 11 lw/mm (5.5
    cycles/mm] which translates to about 280 dpi if I understand things

    Obviously 280 dpi is pretty good resolution, far better than my unaided
    eye can resolve. So I'll have to blame my soft shots on shaky hands.

    I wonder if anyone else has run any printer tests? I'd love to hear how
    my local drugstore compares with other commercial printing services, or
    your inkjet.


    [1] I followed the procedure outlined by Jack Yeazel at
    angus, Dec 9, 2004
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  2. angus

    JohnR Guest

    I got soft prints back from my film SLR with sharp 50mm lens, While a
    compact zoom camera was much sharper. I had reprints made that were much
    better. This seems to be a problem with all but the pro labs.

    I though this would not be an issue with digital but, alas, I was wrong. I
    had vacation pictures printed from my digital Rebel. There was a slight
    softness. I could not read a sign on the print that was clearly visible in
    the image.
    JohnR, Dec 9, 2004
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