How to deal with a particular type of client

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by fallai, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. fallai

    fallai Guest

    In a typical business exchange, one party pays money in return for
    goods or services.

    There is a certain type of person in this world who acts as if you
    should constantly kiss their asses because they are giving you money,
    as if they are giving it to you for free.

    I'm not talking about the usual 'making sure clients are happy'.

    I am talking about the type of person who likes to make you beg for
    the money you earned from them with your skill and labor and

    Might be the same kind of person who, when dining out, likes to make
    the wait staff run around for their tip (often too little anyway).

    Given that for now I have to work with this client, how do I defeat
    them rhetorically when we are discussing money? There's this attitude
    that because they are giving me money, I should be made to sit up and
    beg (even if the client loved the work). WTF? How can I skilfully
    point out to them what a load of crap that is, perhaps shame them into
    having more integrity?

    thx in adv for any brilliant ideas floating out there...
    fallai, Apr 7, 2009
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  2. Give them what they are paying for. Not what they THINK they are paying for.
    A simple **** YOU .. GO AWAY works EVERY TIME. Unless you like working with

    I had a friend like that.. I finally asked him to leave my house years ago
    and haven't spoken to him since. Feels GREAT!

    Sounds like you have failed the first test. Here.. try some of these lines.

    "Look.. this is what it costs.. pay it or leave. It becomes MORE EXPENSIVE
    if I have to beg. "
    "Why did you pick ME to drive crazy? There are PLENTY of other companies out
    there who will kiss your feet"
    "I'll tell you what.. since THIS was so hard you will pay in advance next

    My Fav:

    " I am going to put this as delicately as I can. You are NOT a favored
    client. There is NOTHING special about working for you that I can't get from
    someone who pays on time. I am going to need you to pay in full, on time if
    you want me to work for you. Period.

    Some of these assholes respect strength and exploit weakness. Never forget
    that. You don't need ass pains. You need clients.
    Flatulent Father Flannigan, Apr 7, 2009
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  3. If they ask for a copy before payment, send them a low res with a huge
    watermark, and tell them they get the full version on final payment.
    If they pay by cheque, make sure you get the cheque cleared first,
    before parting of your goods ;-)


    Martin Heffels, Apr 8, 2009
  4. fallai

    ushere Guest

    i've done what martin suggests for over 30 years (use a large time code
    rather than watermark), without any problem. my corporate clients have
    never raised any problems, but a few private ones have complained. but
    not a one hasn't forked up for a 'clean' version.
    ushere, Apr 9, 2009
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