How to get dust off film for scanning.

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Eric Stevens, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Eric Stevens

    Peter Guest

    My Bose are used as plant holders. Since we moved to a co-op, I want to be
    careful not to disturb my neighbors. The walls are thin and we have
    different tastes in music.
    Peter, Jun 9, 2010
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  2. Eric Stevens

    Peter Guest

    We know. Most us us have done that at one time or another. But that typo in
    context of your twenty year statement, made mine irresistible.
    Peter, Jun 9, 2010
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  3. Eric Stevens

    Peter Guest

    When we had the house our neighbor in the back would play boom box rock at
    the highest possible setting. I asked them nicely to please make it a little
    lower. The answer was a statement telling me to have sex with myself. I
    solved the problem by jamming the signal. I hooked up a low powered
    transmitter, tuned to the frequency of that station, using their chain link
    fence as an antenna. They could never figure out why that radio never worked
    Peter, Jun 9, 2010
  4. Eric Stevens

    Peter Guest

    Like a lot of other things there's more to it. Her ex-husband was a good
    friend of mine. She didn't like the fact that we were friends.
    Peter, Jun 9, 2010
  5. Eric Stevens

    Peter Guest

    Now that I think of it, can you go back to basics. give them a bath with
    just a drop of detergent or other wetting agent, to prevent spotting. And
    let dry. If you are careful you might be able to wipe the negatives with a
    chamois or microfiber cloth.
    Peter, Jun 10, 2010
  6. Eric Stevens

    John Turco Guest

    You don't need no steenkin' "amp=pre amp" equipment, dog! I own a
    "lowly" Sony STR-DG720 (105 watts x 7.1 channel A/V receiver, with
    three HDMI inputs) and it really enhances my home theater system.

    "Iron Man" (2008) happened to be among the first Blu-rays that I'd
    viewed, with the STR-DG720 connected; it was the best-sounding movie
    I've ever heard. (Very crisp and clear, with thunderous base coming
    from my KLH 200W amplified subwoofer.)

    Albeit, this particular disc boasts the most dazzling video and
    audio quality, of all the motion pictures in my collection.
    John Turco, Jun 30, 2010
  7. Eric Stevens

    John Turco Guest

    Oh, my mistake! I simply failed to realize that your Marantz and
    Denon beasts are such prehistoric relics.

    Did electrification even >exist<, back in 1975? I believe some
    parts of our planet (e.g., Oklahoma) are still waitng for such
    "advanced" technology to arrive. (Indoor plumbing is on the
    horizon, though.)
    John Turco, Jul 20, 2010
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