How to photograph a jet black rabbit in a fireplace.

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Thomas, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. Thomas

    Thomas Guest

    My house rabbit is fond of sitting on the hearth (unlit of course) and looks
    rather good. Any lighting hints to allow me a good pic of her????
    Thomas, Nov 11, 2004
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  2. In Message-ID:<> posted on Thu, 11 Nov 2004
    Maybe a slave triggered strobe placed up the chimney a ways firing
    downward to illuminate the background, then the usual portraiture
    lighting for the subject.
    Justín Käse, Nov 11, 2004
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  3. Thomas

    Pete S. Guest

    No, but I do have some "fire lighting" hints that would make a good
    pie of her.......

    OK OK, I've offended you, I'm sorry......

    Pete S.
    Pete S., Nov 11, 2004
  4. Thomas

    BillB Guest

    The exposure would need more light, so use whatever method your
    camera allows. Slower shutter speed or wider aperture, EV
    compensation, etc. Or you could bring the bunny to a hairdresser
    and bleach it blonde. :)
    BillB, Nov 11, 2004
  5. Thomas

    illecebra Guest

    BillB wrote:
    Wouldn't that be a haredresser? :D

    illecebra, Nov 11, 2004
  6. Thomas

    BillB Guest

    BillB, Nov 11, 2004
  7. Thomas

    RicSeyler Guest

    LOLOLOLOLOL <groan>

    That was a good one!!!! :)
    RicSeyler, Nov 11, 2004
  8. Thomas

    Mike Kohary Guest

    I can't believe you passed up such a glorious punning opportunity! ;)
    Mike Kohary, Nov 11, 2004
  9. Thomas

    Mike Kohary Guest

    Ah ha - she got it! :)
    Mike Kohary, Nov 11, 2004
  10. Thomas

    BillB Guest

    It may be that simply considering a bleached blonde provided my
    own blonde moment. But illecebra's reply made it more amusing than
    if I had been the first to notice the hair/hare pair, I think. :)
    BillB, Nov 12, 2004
  11. Thomas

    D.R. Guest

    Mmmm..... rabbit.......... pie.........
    D.R., Nov 12, 2004
  12. Thomas

    Steve Evans Guest

    You could try dying her fur white. :) Seriously, don't you find your
    bunny shitting all over the house pisses you off?
    Steve Evans, Nov 13, 2004
  13. Thomas

    HedgeMage Guest

    It's not hard at all to litter-train a rabbit.

    HedgeMage, Nov 13, 2004
  14. Thomas

    Steve Evans Guest

    Can you build up a relationship with them though, like a cat or dog?
    And don't they chew through wires and stuff?
    Steve Evans, Nov 13, 2004
  15. Thomas

    Carl Guest

    You've obviously never had a house rabbit then. They're easier to house
    train than children and generally more intelligent than teenagers.
    Carl, Nov 13, 2004
  16. Thomas

    Thomas Guest

    Can you build up a relationship with them though, like a cat or dog?

    Yes of course. They are probably about as bright as a dog or a little dumber
    than a cat.
    Occaisionally they may gnaw at things but no more damage than an average gat
    may do.
    Thomas, Nov 14, 2004
  17. Thomas

    Steve Evans Guest

    I'm a bit worried that if I acquired a house bunny, it would end up
    going up in a big flash and bang, having chewed through a mains cable
    or something. Roast rabbit fumes would exacerbate my asthma.
    The ohter thing that bothers me is: don't they try to shag everyting
    that moves (or doesn't move, even)? Or is that just male rabbits?
    Would I be better off with a girl-type bunny or are they not as
    intelligent and prone to moodiness?
    Steve Evans, Nov 14, 2004
  18. Thomas

    C J Campbell Guest
    C J Campbell, Nov 14, 2004
  19. Thomas

    DaveS Guest


    Only if they are blond bunnies, Steve.

    okay, okay, okay I'm sorry I made that comment!!!

    DaveS, Nov 15, 2004
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