How to quickly select rectangle

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Robert Montgomery, May 20, 2010.

  1. Robert Montgomery

    Voivod Guest

    Look it up, it's "plain English".
    Judging by the number of people guessing at just what the **** you were
    prattling on about I wasn't the only one who thought you were
    inarticulate. Maybe you're just an idiot (there's no maybe about it, I
    was pretending to be nice, I'm not, really).
    Voivod, Jun 7, 2010
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  2. Robert Montgomery

    Voivod Guest

    Going just by your posts and your increasingly antagonistic attitude
    it's easily clear you're a clueless newbie.
    Seriously? Bragging? Is your ego (and penis) so small you need to
    bolster them both by bragging (lying most likely) about such an
    And yet you couldn't articulate your problem. Couldn't solve your own
    problem. Couldn't explain it any better then 2nd time around and are
    acting like a complete fucktard because no one will leap forward and
    make everything all super duper okay for you.

    You've got a million bucks, go HIRE someone to fix your fuckups!
    Voivod, Jun 7, 2010
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  3. What is it you didn't understand about my question?

    And the fact that most people didn't understand my question is not a
    reflection on me; most people are stupid. (An example of that is the 57
    million Americans voted for George Bush for a SECOND four-year term.

    Already the first response to my question was not well thought out;
    And this response was also misinterpreted because of fuzzy thinking and
    an illogical assumption:
    If I had wanted to select a section of an image, I would have written
    that I wanted to select a section of an image. Instead, I wrote that I
    wanted to select an image. Obviously, that means I wanted to select the
    WHOLE image.

    If I wrote, "I want to drive to work" would a logical person interpret
    that to mean, "I want to drive halfway to work, park the car and ride my
    bicycle the rest of the way?"

    Robert Montgomery, Jun 7, 2010
  4. Thanks, Sir.

    Even with tolerance set to "0", and feathering set to 0.2, it doesn't
    always work.

    If I have white – or light-colored – areas of my images that abut the
    edge(s) of my images, Alt-clicking on the canvas will select some of
    those light image areas along with the white canvas, so that when I go
    Image > Crop, the cropping won't happen because my selection rectangle
    has uneven edges.

    Robert Montgomery, Jun 7, 2010
  5. Robert Montgomery

    Voivod Guest

    No, really, there's no reason to moronically devolve his stupidity into
    even stupider political diatribe. If you feel the need to whine about
    politics go find the right group and fucking do it there.
    Voivod, Jun 7, 2010
  6. Robert Montgomery

    Voivod Guest

    What is it that you didn't understand the first twenty times people
    explained and commented why your question made little to no sense?
    Why yes, it is. Don't blame others for your inability to articulate your
    Quick, when you're making an ass out of yourself obfuscate with
    completely irrelevant commentary!
    I'm so sorry that your request for FREE help with a program you're now
    bragging at knowing SO well didn't meet with your expectations. DEMAND a
    refund, fucker.
    No it was because you couldn't express yourself.
    It was explained, several times, how to select ALL of the image but then
    you prattled on about a border that you DON'T want to select so either
    you couldn't articulate yourself, again, or you, again, don't have a
    fucking clue what you're talking about.
    You're very defensive for a millionaire, why is it you haven't just
    fucked off and left?
    Voivod, Jun 8, 2010
  7. Robert Montgomery

    Joel Guest

    I know you never asked but you told (mentioned) us. Here is your original

    To do that I need to isolate the image from the canvas.

    When I make a white border all around the image, the image size then
    includes the canvas size.

    I want to isolate the image from the surrounding, white border, so I can
    trim the border, blow up the image and then add back a border size which
    in most cases is different from the previous canvas size.
    Joel, Jun 8, 2010
  8. Robert Montgomery

    Joel Guest

    Do you understand the difference between Ctrl-A (Command-A) vs Magic Wand?
    To confess my sin, I haven't used the Magic Wand for many years.
    Joel, Jun 8, 2010
  9. Robert Montgomery

    Joel Guest

    That's the problem because you never give any hint about your problem.
    Joel, Jun 8, 2010
  10. Robert Montgomery

    Joel Guest

    I have no clue what your explanation is about when you are the one with
    problem. IOW, you should be the one who provide the detail information for
    other to explain the solution to you.
    Joel, Jun 8, 2010
  11. Robert Montgomery

    Joel Guest

    I think you get the wrong stupid idea too. If you are not smart enough to
    get other to understand your problem, then it's a problem.
    Joel, Jun 8, 2010
  12. Thanks, John, for the suggestion.

    Scripting is not one of my fortes because of the complexity, so I want
    to steer clear of it.

    Robert Montgomery, Jun 8, 2010
  13. I wasn't bragging. A million dollars worth of sales is not exceptional.
    It's good, but not exceptional. Millions of Photoshop users have
    achieved the same level of sales.

    I wasn't bragging; just setting the record straight so that foolish,
    condescending Joel would stop making the illogical and insulting
    assumption that I'm a neophyte.

    I wasn't bragging. Would Arnold Schwartznegger be bragging to tell
    someone that doesn't know about his that he's a former Mr. Universe, a
    famous Hollywoood actor and the governor of the most populous state in
    the U.S.? Not if he were being treated like an ignorant neophyte
    bodybuilder, actor and politician. He would simply be telling the facts
    of the situation to set the record straight.
    That's false. I just don't like being insulted repeatedly (being treated
    like a beginner when there's no evidence that I'm a beginner.)
    I never wrote – or even vaguely implied – that I have a million bucks.
    Your misinterpretation emphasizes how easy it is for people to make
    false assumptions about what is written.

    Also, I wasn't asking that my 'fuckups' be fixed. I was seeking a more
    efficient procedure for my workflow.

    Please take a deep breath and cool your anger, and approach the
    situation with equilibrium and civility.

    Robert Montgomery, Jun 8, 2010
  14. All the borders I'm using are white, so there is no issue of using a
    'different' border color, and I never mentioned changing the color of
    the border.

    Robert Montgomery, Jun 8, 2010
  15. Robert Montgomery

    Voivod Guest

    You were bragging. It was completely irrelevant information and totally
    unnecessary to the discussion but you needed to bring it to the public
    You are a neophyte.
    You're not Arnold.
    But you're acting just like a clueless newbie and expecting to be
    treated like a Photoshop Guru based on...well, nothing.
    Not being able to solve a simple problem. Not being able to describe the
    problem to a group of people conversant in the application you're
    fucking up with. Not being able to handle the criticism. You've given
    plenty of evidence that you're a n00b.
    Go back to school and learn to write properly.
    Hire someone to help you make money, Piker.
    I'm not angry. I'm amused. Now, **** off, money bags, you can afford to
    hire a tutor.
    Voivod, Jun 8, 2010
  16. I didn't make an ass out of myself. I made a clever comparison, by
    demonstrating that people are generally stupid, which explains their
    general inability to comprehend written material.
    Okay. I want compensation from you for defamation, stress and lost wages.

    Robert Montgomery, Jun 8, 2010
  17. Robert Montgomery

    Voivod Guest

    You overrate your cleverness. Like your questions it was badly written
    and poorly expressed. Try to draw relevant conclusions instead of inane
    Post your address and I'll send you a nickel. That'll cover you for
    about a week's worth of your Photoshop skills.
    Voivod, Jun 8, 2010
  18. Robert Montgomery

    Voivod Guest

    Run like a coward while throwing out insults as you flee. Isn't that a
    WONDERFUL role model?
    Voivod, Jun 8, 2010
  19. It was neither irrelevant nor unncessary. I had already written that I
    understood ratios, but Joel countered that I didn't understand them, and
    wrote that he would explain them to me later. So just stating that I am
    proficient in Photoshop was insufficient to persuade him; I had to
    demonstate it.
    You are a fink.
    I didn't write that I'm Arnold. (I already predicted before I read this
    that soome idiot would make this illogical assumption. I'm not surprised
    it was you, given the idiocy of some of your other writings.)
    You're the one who's clueless about Photoshop; you couldn't even
    understand me straightforward question.
    It's not a simple problem. Several people suggested solutions that don't
    work. That proves my point.
    Goober: I'm a journalism grad from the top journalism university in the
    nation. (The more you write, the more you show your stupidity, blockhead).
    I don't take orders from imbeciles.

    You're fired!
    Someone who's not angry, but who repeatedly writes, "**** off"? Numbskull!
    Robert Montgomery, Jun 9, 2010
  20. Robert Montgomery

    Voivod Guest

    Bragging about what you've sold in no way demonstrates a mastery or even
    understanding of Photoshop.
    I'm cut to the quick! Oh the horrors! I don't think I can recover from
    that insult!
    You used him. Ok, how's this. You're also not Ansel Adams. You're
    actually no one. You're a nobody trying to get other people to fix your
    fuckups for free while bragging about how special he is. You're a chew
    It wasn't straight forward. You couldn't even get it right the second
    time. You failed to accept "Start the **** over" as the logical
    That's YOUR fault for not being able to articulate yourself. Don't blame
    others for your shortcomings.
    Bragging AGAIN! Woo. Your self esteem must be in the gutter for you to
    need to brag about yourself over and over in a newsgroup.
    Much more like that and you might hurt my feelings :(
    I wouldn't work for a fuckup like you for any amount of pay.
    For a college boy you're pretty fucking stupid.
    Voivod, Jun 9, 2010
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