How to reduce the file size of an MPEG2 movie???

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by 2004TL.NBP, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. 2004TL.NBP

    2004TL.NBP Guest

    I guess I will have to decrease the bitrate of the movie, right? If I
    am correct in that part, how do I be able to do that?

    Any info or suggestions will be very much appreciated!

    2004TL.NBP, Jun 8, 2005
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  2. 2004TL.NBP

    Martin Guest


    Martin, Jun 8, 2005
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  3. 2004TL.NBP

    2004TL.NBP Guest

    Well, I'm a noobie! And thanks for the link!
    2004TL.NBP, Jun 8, 2005
  4. 2004TL.NBP

    Guest Guest

    It might have helped to know how large it is.

    You might consider authoring it, saving it to your hard drive and
    loading the compiled files into to DVD Shrink.

    Guest, Jun 8, 2005
  5. 2004TL.NBP

    2004TL.NBP Guest

    It's more than 4.7Gb and its already on my HD. That is the reason why I
    want to shrink it -- it won't fit into a 4.7Gb DVD-R. I don't want to
    remove/cut any part of the movie. All I want is to burn it to a DVD

    Can I use my 4.7++Gb MPEG2 file as input to DVD Shrink and output it to
    another but smaller and probably lower bitrate MPEG2 file? I only tried
    DVD Shrink once and my source was a DVD disc that contains a wedding
    video. I am not yet familiar with its functionalities.

    2004TL.NBP, Jun 8, 2005
  6. 2004TL.NBP

    NerdRevenge Guest

    Try a double layer 8.5 GB disk. $25 for 3 pack at best buy
    NerdRevenge, Jun 8, 2005
  7. 2004TL.NBP

    Ken Maltby Guest

    By that do you mean to have a DVD that will play in a standalone
    player? Does your player play raw MPEG2? If your player won't
    play raw MPEG2 files, then you will need to author a DVD at some
    point to be able to play it, other than on your PC.
    DVDShrink normally shrinks an authored DVD and as you may need to
    author your video anyway (so it will play in a normal player) why not just
    use an authoring program and then have DVDShrink make it fit?
    You can get a free 30day trial of TMPGEnc DVD Author from , for oversized DVD just ignore the warnings
    and output to the hard drive.


    P.S. There is nothing wrong with being new, those who make
    a big deal about it are most likely quite uninformed themselves.
    Ken Maltby, Jun 9, 2005
  8. 2004TL.NBP

    Guest Guest

    Frankly, once I have a DVD-compliant MPEG-2, I don't want anything to
    have the slightest chance to alter it. Too many things can go wrong
    and change an already compliant MPEG. It's for that reason I suggested
    you author the MPEG, save the finished product to your hard drive
    instead of attempting to burn directly to a DVD, and then load the
    compilation into DVD-Shrink. I've loaded videos that were nearly 8 Gbs
    in size. A 4.7 Gb MPEG is a piece of cake for DVD Shrink. BTW, bet you
    didn't know a 4.7 Gb MPEG is still to large to burn. Your MPEG really
    needs to be about 4.38 Gb.

    Ken Maltby has made some suggestions you might want to consider. As he
    mentions, and I've also tried to convey, you'll need to author the
    MPEG. If your MPEG is ready for authoring, just go ahead and do it

    Guest, Jun 9, 2005
  9. 2004TL.NBP

    Clive Savage Guest

    TmpGenc is what you want.

    Or reauthor back to a DVD file (video_ts folder) and then use
    DVDShrink again...

    Bye for now.

    Clive Savage, Jun 10, 2005
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