how to specify crop box dimensions?

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Jeff, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    I have been asked to make some postcards for a non-profit organization
    from some of my photographs of their beautiful property. I have a
    Photoshop template for, in this case, a 4x6 postcard. The photo must
    be cropped to 4.25"x6.25" to allow for bleed and trim.

    the question: I know that I can use the crop tool and "view rulers" to
    try to get 4.25x6.25 dimensions, and then move the crop box outline
    within my photo to select the 4.25x6.25 that most pleases me and
    minimizes the risk of having essential details from possibly being
    trimmed away, but I find it difficult to get it exactly right with the
    cursor control. Is there an easier way? to perhaps type in the
    dimensions into a dialogue box to get the exact dimensions I want for
    the crop box outline?

    Jeff, Jul 30, 2003
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  2. Jeff

    Craig Flory Guest

    Hi Jeff ; Just select the crop tool , put in the width & height you need
    at the top tool bar, and crop. The area outside the area you want to keep
    will go a darker grey so it is very easy to see what you will end up with .
    Craig Flory
    Craig Flory, Jul 30, 2003
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  3. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    Duh?!? I don't know why I didn't see those boxes on the upper tool box before...

    Thanks Craig
    Jeff, Aug 1, 2003
  4. Jeff

    Paul Handley Guest

    Well I guess this has been beat to death, but here's what I do. Select
    rectangular marquee, at the top tool bar select "fixed aspect ratio. you can
    move the rectangular selection around with the mouse or cursor keys then do
    image-crop. You will have to do an image-image size next to get the 6.25 x
    4.25 you want. I know this sounds like a lot of unnessaccary work but it has
    its advantages. For (1) you get to include more of the picture this way.
    Paul Handley, Aug 1, 2003
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