how to stop clipping of image file name on save

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by sarahandchris, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. Hi
    I have almost a 1000 images i need to reduce in size and 'save for web' with
    exactly the same file name. Trouble is some of these images have long names
    and photoshop (version 7) seems to clip the file name down when i save it.
    Big-Ben-748578436583474689.jpg Becomes Big-Ben-7485784365834746.jpg

    Is there a setting in photoshop I can change to stop it clipping the file
    name down?
    Many thanks,
    sarahandchris, Nov 19, 2003
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  2. sarahandchris

    Bruce Uttley Guest

    After clicking the 'Save' button in Save for Web, open the 'Settings:'
    pulldown and select 'Other...'. In the 'Filename Compatibility'
    section in the middle of the 'Saving Files' view you should enable
    Windows and Unix compatibility and disable MacOS. Do it once
    and it will be remembered.
    Bruce Uttley, Nov 19, 2003
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