how to turn on/off cropping easily?

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by peter, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. peter

    peter Guest

    Is there a way to easily turn on/off a particular cropping the same way
    adjustment layers can be easily turned on/off?

    Right now I have to save the cropped file in a different file name; if I
    change my mind about the crop, I have to go back to the previous file and
    lose edits since cropping. This is not very convenient.
    peter, Jan 4, 2005
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  2. peter

    Peadge Guest

    In the options bar for the crop tool at the top of your screen, select
    "hide" instead of "delete." This has the effect of merely changing the
    canvas size, leaving everything outside the borders intact, just hidden.
    Selecting "delete removes the pixels permanently and reduces the file size

    Peadge :)
    Peadge, Jan 4, 2005
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  3. peter

    edjh Guest

    If you change Canvas Size the information beyond the edges is not lost.
    edjh, Jan 4, 2005
  4. peter

    JD Guest

    When I try this, the hide and delete are grayed out.
    JD, Jan 4, 2005
  5. peter

    Peadge Guest

    Your layer is probably locked. Double click on your layer in the Layers
    Palette to "make a layer" and they re-try.

    Peadge :)
    Peadge, Jan 4, 2005
  6. peter

    JD Guest

    Learn something new everyday. Thanks Peadge!
    JD, Jan 4, 2005
  7. Double click on your layer in the Layers Palette

    Alt-double click will save you a prompt...

    Cheers, Jason
    The Gadget Shop, Jan 5, 2005
  8. peter

    JD Guest

    JD, Jan 5, 2005
  9. peter

    Mike Russell Guest

    News to me. Nice one Peadge!
    Mike Russell, Jan 6, 2005
  10. peter

    edjh Guest

    Didn't know that one either. Nice.
    edjh, Jan 6, 2005
  11. peter

    Peadge Guest

    I think I saw that in one of the recent issues of Photoshop User. Lately,
    I've been keeping an eye on my options bar for cool little things like that.
    I thought crop always got rid of extraneous stuff. It's cool to have an

    Peadge :)
    Peadge, Jan 7, 2005
  12. peter

    peter Guest

    Thanks! This is nice. I wish it works for rotated crop as well but when I
    clicked on the hidden button, it changed the rotated crop frame into a
    larger unrotated frame :-(

    I also wish I can have multiple hidden crops (only one would be active at a
    time, of course) so I can quickly switch between different crops to pick the
    best one.
    peter, Jan 7, 2005
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