how to use Canon Sure Shot Megazoom 76 camera?

Discussion in 'Canon' started by William R. Watt, May 6, 2004.

  1. I bought a second hand Canon Sure Shot Megazoom 76 camera at a
    rummage sale because I never tried a zoom camera and the price of
    this one was only $3. Unfortunately there are no instructions with
    the camera. I wasn't able to find any information on instructions
    by searching the Internet for "canon megazoom 76". Is it possible
    to obtain instructions for second hand cameras?

    I've never tried using an automatic point-and-shoot camera, being
    raised on Kodak Brownie and Instamatic style cameras. I borrowed a
    book "How to Take Photos With 35mm Autofocus Point & Shoot
    Cameras" from the public library which explains a lot about how
    this type of camera works.

    I wonder if anyone can tell me what the following things on this
    camera do ....

    On top is the shutter button. Next to it is a kind of rocker
    switch with sybols of coniferous trees in rectangles which, from
    similar symbols in the book, I assume controls the zoom. I hope
    when a roll of film is loaded that the display window on the back
    of the camera will reveal the degree of zoom.

    On the back are 5 buttons ...

    1. yellow with a ligthning symbol. does this disable the automatic

    2. black with an eye symbol. no idea what this could be.

    3. black with symbols of superimposed squares and of a rotary
    dial. based on similar symbols in the book, would this button be
    for continuous shutter and time delay? can't imagine why both are
    on the same button. could anyone explain how this button works? a
    time delay would be an interesting bonus as I do a lot of solo
    boating and would like to experiment with self protraits.

    4. a tiny black button with a film rewind symbol. I assume this is
    for prematurely rewinding the film before it has all been exposed.

    5. a red button labelled on/off. what would this button turn on
    and off?

    On the end of the camera that the shutter is on there appears to be
    a small compartment (not the battery compartment which is at the
    other end) for which I see no means of opening. Could anyone say
    if it is supposed to open and what it is? It would be great if it
    were a remote control for the shutter switch described in the book
    as a feature on some cameras. That would be too much to expect.

    I hope to be abel to figure out what the dispaly window on the
    back means once a roll of film is loaded into the camera.

    thanks for any help with this
    William R. Watt, May 6, 2004
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  2. William R. Watt

    Nick James Guest

    maybe but it's probably not worth it... I'm not familiar with the
    particular model but the symbols sound fairly standard.
    lol. well here is a cameras of the late 20th century primer ;-)
    yup zoom, 1 tree = tele, many trees = wide
    probably won't display the focal length on the display
    it probably turn the flash on.
    red eye reduction flash? Camera gives a good impression of a disco
    strobe in an attempt to close the subjects pupils down.
    probably cycles between multiexposure ( a poor mans motor drive), timer
    delay, and standard shutter release.

    I guess so
    the universe
    maybe that's where the film goes ;-)

    Nick James, May 6, 2004
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  3. thanks. good suggestion.
    William R. Watt, May 6, 2004
  4. William R. Watt

    Matt Clara Guest

    William Twat wrote:

    Keep your point and shoot crap outta here William!

    This fucking group is for seasoned photographers with serious ass fucking
    equipment. Your slow-zoom dog shit plastic paperweight does not deserve any bandwidth
    here, and neither do you. You fucking cocksucker.

    And don't **** with me. I'm a Detroit wigger bad boy. I hang with Slim Shady and a
    bunch of black niggaz.
    Matt Clara, May 6, 2004
  5. William R. Watt

    Matt Clara Guest

    Matt Clara, May 6, 2004
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