Howard Hughes Lives Here

Discussion in 'Photography' started by NM5K, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. NM5K

    NM5K Guest

    Haven't posted anything in a while. Mildew City keeps me busy.
    Took a stroll through this place a month or two ago.
    It's Glenwood Cemetery, which is not too far from downtown
    Houston. It's been around since 1871, and is now connected
    with Washington Cemetery, which is next to it.
    Many of Houston's past high rollers are planted here.
    Also a few historical types as far as early Texans, etc..
    Howard Hughes is planted here, also Gene Tierney.
    In 1871, this was out in the country.. But it got swallowed
    up by growth, and now it's almost inner city. A couple of
    the shots show downtown in the background.
    Some info...

    BTW, the place is so large, and so many planted there, that
    I never did find Hughes or Tierney's plots.. Maybe next time.
    Check out the monster oak tree in a couple of the shots..
    I did one color, and one B/W. They estimate it being planted
    about 1880 or so..
    A few shots of the joint.. Don't expect fine art.. These are
    kind of Siskerish tourist type pictures.. :/
    A couple I was a little off from plumb, but I was too lazy to
    try to level them out.
    It usually degrades the image a bit when I do that too.

    Well, here you have it.
    NM5K, Feb 13, 2012
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  2. NM5K

    Pete A Guest

    Thanks for sharing. Your images are better than those on the official website.

    Any idea on the history of the figure in images 9 and 24?
    Pete A, Feb 14, 2012
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  3. NM5K

    NM5K Guest

    Her name was Ellen Ada O'Neal "1993-2001".
    I looked her up after I got home as I was curious who
    she was. She had cancer, and was at the M.D Anderson
    center it seems. Her marker is a life size bronze statue
    of her. She overlooks the area in image 24.

    Image 3 was one that boggled me.. It was fairly new,
    and quite a monument.. It was down along that street that
    her statue overlooks. It had those red granite stairs
    all the way from that street up to the grave site, statue,
    etc.. You know that thing costs some serious $$$$$$$$$$$$$..
    Heck, just a regular old monument is not chump change these
    days. You could probably buy a house for what they paid for
    all that I bet.. :/
    NM5K, Feb 15, 2012
  4. NM5K

    Pete A Guest

    Many thanks.

    Perhaps several houses.
    Pete A, Feb 15, 2012
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