hp s20 owners, some good news and bad news

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by Bongo, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Bongo

    Bongo Guest

    If you are still messing with hp s20 film scanner, you should read this tip.
    I don't know if it's original, but I haven't read it anywhere.

    I have been stuck with s20 for three years now. And I still think it's
    decent scanner for occasional non-perfectionist film scanning. Only problem
    which have really bugged me has been noise in darkest areas of slides and
    negatives. Especially those clusters of thin green stripes, which don't go
    away by calibrating or by cleaning the scanner.

    I have known dilemma between ccd's and heat for couple of years now, but of
    course I didn't grasp it until recently. S20 has an excessive and inherent
    heating problem. I guess the main culprit is internal power adapter.

    Good news is that it has a simple remedy. Get one of those big flat fans
    (mine is 15 cm), which are used e.g. in computer cases. Place it
    horizontally right below the scanner's metallic bottom and feed the fan with
    proper voltage. Don't forget to leave necessary gap for ventilation also
    underneath the fan. Then you can try to scan those troublesome nightshots
    once again with much cooler s20. Don't blame me if you did a unstable
    construction and dropped your scanner or something.

    Bad news is this: why didn't anybody tell this tip for you earlier, about
    10000 slides ago. Of course it doesn't turn s20 to
    ice-4800dpi-dmaximus-scanner, but for me it really removed most of the noisy
    garbage in dark areas and let the scanner perform as it should. For getting
    the rest of the noise out, I guess all s20 owners could take a trip here in
    Finland during the wintertime and make some serious scanning outside
    at -25C. Or try those noise removing programs like Neat image, Grain
    surgery or Noise ninja.

    I haven't used any other film scanner than hewlett packard, so I don't know
    if this tip can be applied to other low-end film scanners, but you got the
    Bongo, Apr 15, 2004
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