HP scanjet 5p intallation problem on Windows 98

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by Ed S., Aug 23, 2004.

  1. Ed S.

    Ed S. Guest

    I've recently reinstalled all of the software (OS included) on a Windows
    98 system. However, I'm having problems getting HP Scanjet 5p drivers
    to install correctly. I'm using the HP supplied SCSI card to connect my
    scanner to the PC. The SCSI driver seems to install fine. The scanner
    drivers do not appear to install correctly. After installation, the
    control panel/system/device manager indicates an HPC5110A is present
    under "Other Devices". However, it also indicates that the driver was
    not actually installed. I think there should be a scanner device
    installed that the C5110A should be installed under but it isn't there.

    The driver disk being used is HP ScanJet Scanner PrecisionScan Software.
    It is the same software that was previously installed on the computer
    and was working fine. My installation process is as follows:

    1. Install Scanner Software
    2. Power-down PC and install SCSI card
    3. Connect scanner, power-up scanner
    4. Power-up PC
    5. PC recognizes SCSI card and installs driver, PC boots ok.
    6. Try scanner - doesn't work

    Any help would be much appreciated. It's an old scanner but the
    hardware still worked fine.

    Ed S.
    Ed S., Aug 23, 2004
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  2. Ed S.

    Ed S. Guest

    Thank you for your help. I now have everything working!
    Ed S., Aug 26, 2004
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