I can't get my dazzle card (FAST Dazzle dv.now-AV V1.4) to work?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Alistair Smythe, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. I just put this Video capture card in my computer and not it will not boot
    up and I have to reset the CMOS when I take the card out. I have a giga-byte
    motherboard with a KT133 chipset is there any information about this card
    working with this chipset. I bought this card off of ebay and the seller
    said that he pulled it from a Dell computer. I would like to know is it
    possible to get this card to work on my computer or should I take the lose
    throw the card away and try to find another card
    Alistair Smythe, Jun 18, 2004
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  2. Alistair Smythe

    Jure Sah Guest

    If the MOBO doesn't boot it almost always means there was a IRQ conflict
    that the BIOS could not resolve in any way.

    1. Insert card, go to BIOS and set "Reset ESCD data" to "Enabled" and
    save settings and exit. If you can't even get to BIOS, see attempt 2.
    2. Remove the card, boot, press Del and make sure that "Resources
    controlled by" is set to "Auto" in BIOS setup. If it's not, set it so,
    save settings and exit, turn off the comp, insert the card and try
    booting. If this fails or otherwise, see attempt 3.
    3. If your PC is filled with various PCI cards, try removing those you
    don't need, insert your card and boot. If not or if you don't want to do
    this, see attempt 4.
    4. Try to find which IRQ the card normaly uses, then remove the card,
    boot and in BIOS, try reserving that IRQ somehow. If you can't simply
    disable whatever is using it, or configure that to a diffirent IRQ, try
    setting "Resources controlled by" to "Manual" and then find the IRQ your
    card uses and set it to "Legacy ISA" (also make sure all the others
    are not set to "Legacy ISA" unless you actualy have any such cards)...
    This will force both your hardware and the card to choose a diffirent
    IRQ. Then instert the card and try booting.

    Good luck!

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    In case the provided e-mail address fails to deliver any time after
    31.10.2004, please try
    Jure Sah, Jun 18, 2004
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