I have installed CS2 without using the CS installer

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by Synapse Syndrome, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. I reinstalled XP and CS recently, but this time I was in a hurry to install
    Illustrator, so installed it on its own and not using the CS2 installer. I
    then installed Photoshop separately as well. However the Help files haven't
    been installed, and nor has Adobe Gamma. How do I install these separately?
    I installed Adobe Help Centre, and the Adobe Common File installer as well
    as 'Suite Specific' but the Help content is still not there. What is Suite

    I would like to avoid having to uninstall and reinstall the whole lot again,
    so if anybody knows what I can do please tell.

    Synapse Syndrome, Mar 22, 2006
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  2. The lack of Adobe Gamma seems to be causing problems for me.

    I have set the monitor profile that I had previously made with Adobe Gamma
    in Display Properties and make it the default profile for the monitor.

    In Photoshop I have chosen European Prepress Defaults in Colour Management
    as I usually do.

    But when I open a jpeg that has the sRGB IE61966-2.1 profile embedded and
    needs no conversion, why does it looks so different than it does normally?

    It only looks the same if I use my monitor profile as the working profile.
    I am sure this isn't how it was before. Surely I can't have my pictures
    being embedded with my monitor profile?

    Synapse Syndrome, Mar 23, 2006
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  3. Synapse Syndrome

    Bill Hilton Guest

    Synapse Syndrome writes ...
    This is a guess but I think you need the Adobe Gamma loader, which
    should reside in your 'Startup' folder in XP ... it probably writes
    something to the look-up tables (LUTs) in your video card when you
    power up and then sets the profile as the default ... you are setting
    the profile as default manually but likely are seeing problems because
    the LUTs didn't get updated.

    Just a guess but I think it's something like this ...

    Bill Hilton, Mar 23, 2006
  4. Synapse Syndrome

    Mike Russell Guest

    [re missing Adobe Gamma]

    Bill is correct. Adobe Gamma loader modifies the video appearance by
    loading a particular lookup table (CLUT) into the video card. You are only
    getting half of the equation by using the profile produced by AG.

    I suggest re-installing CS2. Select the option to do a repair install (see
    section on Removing and repairing):
    Mike Russell, Mar 23, 2006

  5. Thanks a lot both of you. Yes, I finally reinstalled CS and everything is
    just right now.


    Synapse Syndrome, Mar 28, 2006
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