I need a install driver for a Canon CanoScan D1250. Can someone help ME! PLEASE!

Discussion in 'Canon' started by wayne lewis, May 10, 2006.

  1. wayne lewis

    wayne lewis Guest

    I'm kinda broke right now and I found this Scanner in perfect conditio
    (still had the protective sheet in it) at Goodwill for $5. My compute
    says it's working properly. All I need to do is download the Instal
    driver. I've been stuck on this project for the last 7 or 8 hour
    straight, and I have downloaded every driver for canon I can ge
    (thinking it might work. I was wrong) I'm new with computers, but a
    now excepting that computers might be my passion. I want to find
    career with it. WELL ANYWAY! I would be so appriciative if someone
    some how, could help me out with this. I am finally excepting that
    failed. The first task I failed on since I started working on thi
    computer 2 weeks ago (my first computer. I usually don't give up 'til
    I get it done)
    wayne lewis, May 10, 2006
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