I was in the Redland News office today....

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by POTD.com.au, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. POTD.com.au

    POTD.com.au Guest

    and was most surprised by the big pano print they have on the reception
    wall. (......pano of fisherman at sunset/rise)

    It was lacking in saturation (looked like it was faded), displayed very
    clunky graduations in the sky (top right corner) and had some weird halo
    effect going on with the fisherman silhouette?? The silhouette was a
    goldy-brown colour (nowhere near black) and had a much lighter band within
    and around the outer edge??

    All in all, I don't think it was a very good image to be taking pride of
    place in an office IMHO, but I guess this is what has become of "acceptable
    standards" these days. :-(
    POTD.com.au, Feb 7, 2006
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  2. POTD.com.au

    Guest Guest

    Redland Bay -- that's Douglas's patch, isn't it?
    Guest, Feb 7, 2006
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  3. It was lacking in saturation (looked like it was faded), displayed very
    Well, there's a surprise!!! Forgive my failing memory, but wasn't that
    Douglas' *showpiece*, that would prove once and for all how good his
    enlargement skills are?


    You've got me curious now, I think I will pop in there next time I'm
    down Redland way. By the way, POTD, if you are ever in that region of
    a Sunday, check out the 'Cleveland Market' for his stand. (But don't
    take a camera - if he thinks you are *me*, you might have a 'situation'
    on your hands..)

    He actually has a couple of fairly good prints (from a distance,
    anyway), but it too is littered with some very average prints. And the
    resolution (severely muffled by being printed on canvas anyway) is
    quite mediocre - about what I would expect from a 6Mp image or much
    less in some cases. Certainly they are not prints I would be
    particularly proud of. Interestingly, his little tent (as advertised


    ... had *no* identifying sign when I visited - I wonder why that would

    Sadly, the market itself is not that great - it's quite small, and
    mostly arts and crafts. So there's not much danger of too many other
    folk seeing his stuff. So unless you are in the area, I would suggest
    not wasting petroleum..
    mark.thomas.7, Feb 7, 2006
  4. POTD.com.au

    POTD.com.au Guest

    This particular image was no *showpiece* :-(
    POTD.com.au, Feb 7, 2006
  5. POTD.com.au

    Rob Guest

    And whats more if anyone cares to visit the site - the bit thats
    Enlarging Digital images - have a look a the room (and junk)where the
    photo has been taken also note the print sizes 6x4 then 20" x 3ft then
    3ft x 4'6". Looks a big 6x4.
    Rob, Feb 7, 2006
  6. POTD.com.au

    Rob Guest

    Rob, Feb 7, 2006
  7. POTD.com.au

    POTD.com.au Guest

    POTD.com.au, Feb 7, 2006
  8. POTD.com.au

    Dave E Guest

    Dave E, Feb 7, 2006
  9. POTD.com.au

    Poxy Guest

    He's lost weight.
    Poxy, Feb 7, 2006
  10. POTD.com.au

    Ben Thomas Guest

    POTD.com.au wrote:

    He certainly splashed out on the model.
    Ben Thomas, Feb 7, 2006
  11. And whats more if anyone cares to visit the site - the bit thats
    Yes indeed. At the risk of repeating myself, this sort of stuff is why
    I may seem to hound Douglas - (I'll do the same to anyone who tries it

    The pages you probably mean are these:


    You can't tell anything about resolution from that image, but note the
    posterisation in the sky of the top image - I initially thought that it
    was just poor post-processing of that image that was the problem.. But
    given POTD's observations above, it is possible that the actual poster
    *really* looks that bad..

    Now look at the bottom poster - he says it is 3 feet wide - ie 36". He
    invites the viewer to click on it to see 'detail'. Then you get this


    It certainly *looks*, at first glance, as though he has zoomed right in
    - he even calls it 'enlarge-example'.... You can certainly see the
    'detail' is not sharp - check the antennae/masts/ropes (stairstepping
    and blurring), and the loss of detail in signs and numbers on the boats
    - they are quite illegible, and this is clearly showing the limits of
    the print....

    But check the image against the original - that is *not* an enlarged
    view at all!!! That 'detail' crop is in fact almost a full *third* of
    the image - it is about 11" wide!!!! Douglas is displaying it at about
    7" (depends on your monitor res), so it is a REDUCTION. It is nowhere
    near an 'enlarged' view. If anyone doubts me, I invite you to resize
    that crop *up* to 11", then print it, and see for yourself how it will
    look. (I've had a close look at the real poster, by the way, and it
    *does* look like that..)

    This is the sort of lame 3-card-trick he uses constantly to make his
    claim of 'increased detail' in his enlargements. He did exactly the
    same thing on his Sally Walker-Brown examples, but withdrew those
    images after they were busted. I imagine he will eventually do the
    same with these, but I've kept copies of *all* these pages for
    posterity, and just in case he brings them up again. I'm happy to
    repost them if necessary, despite Douglas' claims that he will sue me
    for breach of copyright (grin)...

    By the way, Sally Walker-Brown's exhibition of 'Boggo Road Goal' (sic)
    images will be viewable at the 'Redland Museum' from April thru May, at
    60 Smith Street, Cleveland, Monday to Friday 10am - 3.30pm, Saturday
    1- 4pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm, Public holidays 1- 4pm, Adults $3.30.

    Douglas claims to have done her enlargements. I do hope Sally is happy
    with them! From the samples he posted earlier, I would be a little
    mark.thomas.7, Feb 8, 2006
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