ICC profile for R800 printer and Ilford paper

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by viz, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. viz

    viz Guest

    Having a major hassle getting my Epson R800 to print on Ilford's Smooth
    Pearl Paper as per Ilford's R800 ICC profile (and instructions). If I use
    the profile the colours are all washed out and wrong. If I just use an RGB
    (1988) profile, I get close but not as vivid as the test print (Kodak wet
    chemical printer)... I am unable to adjust via colour management (no effect
    for some reason). Tried to use Epson Premium Semi-Gloss ICC profile, same

    I use a Mac, Photoshop CS.

    Any ideas? Any sites to have a look at?


    viz, Mar 5, 2005
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  2. viz

    Clyde Guest

    Hum... I use Ilford's Galerie Smooth Glossy almost exclusively on my
    R800. The profile that I downloaded from the Ilford site works
    wonderfully. I get just what I see on the screen.

    I use Photoshop CS, but on Windows. However, if color management is done
    right, my experience shows that it will work just as well on Windows or
    Mac. It's a tad easier to setup on a Mac.

    Are you letting Photoshop do the color management or the printer driver?
    I find that both work pretty well, but it is generally recommended that
    you let Photoshop manage the color. In short what are your settings?
    What is your process?

    Clyde, Mar 5, 2005
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  3. viz

    viz Guest

    Hmmmm - you got a PC - I was going to send you a link to a pdf, but it is in
    a Stuffit (Mac) format. If you can unpack it try


    Search R800 and look up "Smooth Pearl". These are the settings that I use.

    If not, here goes:

    In PS:
    Print with Preview:
    Show More Options
    Color Management

    IGSPP9_ER800PSPP_0704v02.icc (Ilford's profile)
    Intent: Relative Colorimetric


    Copies & Pages:
    Print Settings:
    Premium Semigloss Photo Paper
    Color Management:
    No Color Adjustment


    My color workspace is Adobe RGB (1988); picture is unadjusted. Camera in
    this instance is a Canon A70.

    What interests me is that I am unable to change any settings in the print
    menu once I get into Color Management (tried to manually change settings) -
    something is not right there methinks...

    Thanks for your interest :)

    viz, Mar 5, 2005
  4. viz

    viz Guest

    Ooops did not answer this questions properly. If I let the printer driver
    manage the colors I get the washed-out effect; not quite sure what you mean
    by PS managing the color (this shows my limitations with PS! :), but if I
    set the Color Management to Adobe RGB (1988) which is the same as my color
    workspace I get close to the test print but not quite...

    I have a feeling that I am missing a setting somewhere in PS...

    viz, Mar 5, 2005
  5. viz

    Clyde Guest

    Weird. That looks like my settings on my PC.

    By setting the profile in PS's "Print with Preview" you are telling PS
    to do the color management. The Relative Colorimetric is what Ilford

    The paper settings in the print options is also what they recommend. By
    using "No Color Adjustment" you are telling the print driver not to do
    anything to what it is sent. Therefore, PS is doing all the color
    management. So, the printer driver isn't trying to use the same ICC/ICM
    file that PS is using. That would be bad, as you would get doubling up
    of the color correction.

    By not being able to change the setting, it sounds like your printer
    driver is screwed up. I would completely wipe it out, download the
    latest one, and install it. Start over with the driver.

    The reason is that you need to try color management the other way. Set
    the Profile in "Print with Preview" to "Printer Color Management". Then
    in the Color Management section of the printer settings change the
    "Color Management" to the ICC profile that fits. That way your printer
    driver will now do the color management.

    I've found that either way works very well, I'm not sure why Adobe
    recommends doing the color management in PS. If you get your printer
    driver working right, you can see what happens with this method. Then
    we'll go from there.

    BTW, AdobeRGB and others like it are Color Spaces. They define the range
    and depth of the colors in the picture file. Color management systems in
    PS or the printer driver use that information to convert FROM. That's
    the starting point for it to convert TO the colors defined in the
    profile that your paper uses.

    If your monitor is calibrated correctly (big 'if'), the color management
    system in your OS, PS, or printer driver should convert any file with
    any color space to the correct colors for the profile of your paper.
    Most papers won't be able to handle nearly the range of colors that
    AdobeRGB has, but the conversion should be pretty good.

    Clyde, Mar 6, 2005
  6. viz

    viz Guest

    Clyde, I am gonna have a little play with what you have told me - let you
    know how it goes. Something is not tracking right, and what you say may put
    me on the right path :)


    viz, Mar 7, 2005
  7. viz

    viz Guest

    Not sure what you mean here - I cannot see any choices in ICC profiles in
    Color Management, only color, contrast and brightness settings (and Gamma)
    Clyde thanks for your help. I used the printer's driver in the end and with
    a Gamma setting of 1.8 and a little bit of brightness (+3). I got as near to
    the test print as I could see (under room lights. The daylight test for
    tomorrow!). I tried a Gamma of 1.5 and it was quite good, but I do not yet
    have enough knowledge of how gamma works and its effect on the printer...

    This gives me something to work from, though at the moment it does not quite
    match the screen, though I have to admit I am using a pair of Mac 20"
    LCDs... One is calibrated, though not accurately - I tend to do this by hand
    and was quite easy for a good CRT screen using test pics, but I find the
    LCD's quite hard...

    I am using the latest drivers for the printer (1.91) and am quite mystified
    as to why the ICC profile did not work at all...

    A little more learning is required...

    Thanks again :)

    viz, Mar 8, 2005
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