IDFA 2004: some numbers for the number crunchers

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Maria Technosux, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. IDFA 2004: some numbers for the number crunchers

    About 2000 documentaries were sent in for possible inclusion.

    400+ made it into the sales catalogue.

    100+ were shown at the festival; some of which were not included in
    the catalogue!

    I got to see about 30+ (and I'm one of the avid spectators!)

    So, of all the docus on offer, only 5% makes in onto the
    theater-screen and only 1,5% is actually seen by an (enthusiastic)

    Just think of it... out of 2000 documentaries...

    Economists often speak of economic laws as if they mimic the laws of
    physics: there is always some loss of energy. In physics, it's 30% at
    best, usually more. But the laws of physics certainly aren't as bad as
    the laws at work at IDFA: 98,5% of production is totally lost on the

    Knowing this, I have promised myself to never ever waste my time and
    energy (let alone resources and funds) making a documentary.

    With 2000 documentaries, you could have a TV channel playing several
    different documentaries every single day of the year! :-X

    Yet look at the type of TV we have now. In Holland, docus are usually
    televised on Thursday and Sunday, usually on the public channels. Yet
    they could be showing a documentary every single night!

    Maria Technosux, Nov 26, 2004
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  2. Maria Technosux

    Jose Guest

    IDFA 2004: some numbers for the number crunchers
    What are the comparable figures for non-docs?

    ( snipped)
    Jose, Nov 26, 2004
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  3. Maria Technosux

    nappy-iou Guest

    Most documentaries are hard to watch and are full of holes. Unless you lie
    through your teeth like Michael Moore, of course.
    How you can watch 30 documentaries is beyond me.
    nappy-iou, Nov 26, 2004
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