If money was no object...

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Angel, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Angel

    Angel Guest

    Taking the cost out of the equation, is there a widely accepted 'best'
    digital camera, ie, the one everybody wants to own? I imagine it would be a

    Unfortunately for me, money is an object, so I stick with my Fuji S602Z!
    Angel, Dec 17, 2003
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  2. Angel

    PhotoMan Guest

    No doubt in my mind whatsoever! Canon EOS 1DS. I'll have one in my hot
    little bag in a few days.
    Joe Arnold
    PhotoMan, Dec 17, 2003
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  3. Angel

    PhotoMan Guest

    OOPS - sorry for the misquote.
    PhotoMan, Dec 17, 2003
  4. Angel

    Don Coon Guest

    How about the Hubble Telescope? The maintenance would be quite costly
    Don Coon, Dec 17, 2003
  5. Angel

    Ron Andrews Guest

    A spy satellite (like the Hubble but pointed towards Earth) could be
    more interesting.
    Ron Andrews, Dec 17, 2003
  6. Angel

    Don Coon Guest

    Woner what focal length we're talking about? Thousands of mm?
    Don Coon, Dec 18, 2003
  7. Yes. The Fuji GX645AF (sold as the Hasselblad H1 in your neighborhood) with
    the Fuji 20MP full-frame digital back.
    Yes a bit cheaper. With a film back, the GX645AF is a US$7,000 camera, and
    that digital back will be over US$15,000. Of course, you can always use that
    back on your Fuji GX680, but then you get a crop factor.

    David J. Littleboy
    Tokyo, Japan
    David J. Littleboy, Dec 18, 2003
  8. Have you ever held a 1Ds? It is significantly heavier and a lot more awkward
    than any MF camera I have ever owned: Hasselblad (many many years ago),
    Mamiya 645 Pro (current), Rolleiflex TLR being the three heaviest. The
    Hasselblad H1 has worlds better ergonomics, although it is heavier than the
    I think you're right on this. I'll be happy with 10D noise levels at ISO 800
    and 1600, but a full-frame camera should have lower noise than the 10D.
    I'm saving frantically...

    David J. Littleboy
    Tokyo, Japan
    David J. Littleboy, Dec 18, 2003
  9. Angel

    Don Coon Guest

    Don Coon, Dec 21, 2003
  10. ---------

    Think ya' might need a tripod for that one?


    Journalist-North, Dec 21, 2003
  11. Angel

    Don Coon Guest

    Maybe not in zero-gravity : )
    Don Coon, Dec 22, 2003
  12. Angel

    Don Coon Guest

    Not in the weightlessness of space; just give me lots of handholds.
    Don Coon, Jan 2, 2004
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