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Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Dallas, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. Dallas

    simon Guest

    Macromedia flash is useless crap, it is only used by people who have
    O.K., I agree that I was generalizing just a little.
    It didn't convince me that flash is useful. Technology should never get in the way of
    information distribution. You have to remember, take my mother for example,
    some people know nothing about computing..... so seeing "Sorry you do not have Macromedia
    Flash installed, would you like to download it" isn't going to amuse them a lot.

    Flash should only ever be user if the type information merits it, and that's rare, very very rare !
    it wouldn't load.
    O.K. I was generalizing again...... I'm not saying that one CAN'T make something
    useful with ColdFusion..... it's just very, very rare !!!!
    So I can't spell, who gives a sh*t. I know I don't.... but just to get the
    record staight.... that, like many others, was a a typo....
    actually I got tired of 3d graphics..... too much time in front of the computer,
    so not I'm a nature photographer.... I'm having fun and being paid plenty :)
    Either does windows.... Microsoft expects everyone else to support them.
    The average computer user uses their computer to browsing the internet, email,
    word processing, games and since the advent of cheaper digital cameras.... photography.
    ALL of this can be done on Linux with the software that comes out of the box.

    Now when many people think Linux they think geek.... yes some geeks use linux, most
    geeks use windows. Mostly Linux is about choice.... the freedom to use something else
    than MS Windows. I, like most people, switched to Linux because Windows sucks.... not
    because I hate Microsoft, or any other idealisting reason.
    The Windows users seem to think that Linux/Macintosh users just want to be different,
    sort of like being a punk is different. I just want my computer to work.... and it does. I'm not
    bother by the fact that Linux is considered geeky..... I'm not a geek for that reason, the fact
    that I have a Canon D60 - that makes me a geek, not my choice of computer software !!!!
    Yes I also do that too.... I have installed several Linux servers for charitable organisations who
    can't see the the point of spending loads of money on software.

    (quota on rambling is now exhausted)
    simon, Sep 24, 2003
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  2. Dallas

    Peter Guest

    Eh, you mean the major software houses don't support Linux...
    There are a lot of companies who make commercial linux software, I'm
    working for one of them... It is a useful OS, and the price is right :)
    it's useful for a lot of things, but running photoshop is not one of
    them :)

    Peter, Sep 24, 2003
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  3. Dallas

    John Miller Guest

    One of the neat things about Linux/Unix you will discover as you get deeper
    into it is that it can go for months at a time without ever needing to be
    rebooted, even for software installations or upgrades.
    John Miller, Sep 24, 2003
  4. Dallas

    Matt Clara Guest

    Simon, I apologies if I came off like an aggressive jerk. Your opinions are
    valid, even if they aren't held by me as well.
    Matt Clara, Sep 24, 2003
  5. Dallas

    Matt Clara Guest

    I find this is true of Windows 2000 Pro as well (except perhaps for the
    upgrades part).
    Matt Clara, Sep 24, 2003
  6. Dallas

    Matt Clara Guest

    That is interesting, though I assume that performance would be in some way

    I must admit, being a bit of a computer geek myself, the thought of trying
    out one of these newer GUI driven linux systems is intriguing. I can't help
    but think I'd end up using it very seldom.
    Give 'em hell for me.
    Matt Clara, Sep 24, 2003
  7. Dallas

    Dallas Guest

    Can't say... but check out www.winehq.org for more info.
    You will LOVE the KDE desktop! It is ultra customisable, with
    translucent, gradient filled menus, multiple desktops, panel, etc. You
    can even set your own graphics for the login screen, including the
    background. You might be able to find some screenshots at www.redhat.com.

    I also thought I would not use it that often, but now that I have it on
    both my computers (dual boot) I find XP Pro very boring! The Mozilla
    newsreader is leaps and bounds ahead of Outlook Express, but
    unfortunately my bank doesn't support the browser, so I have to use IE
    to pay my bills and move money around.
    Well, the guy just lumped about a $100 million donation to the AIDS
    foundation here, so I guess maybe we're getting something back after all
    (not that I have AIDS, but the problem here in SA affects me directly).
    Dallas, Sep 25, 2003
  8. Dallas

    Peter Chant Guest

    Deselect 'Outlook Emulation Mode'...
    Peter Chant, Sep 25, 2003
  9. Dallas

    Matt Clara Guest

    I was just checking out the Wine site. They say Photoshop 7 runs pretty
    well via Wine. I must admit, my curiosity is piqued.
    Matt Clara, Sep 28, 2003
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